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Greetings STO Players...

The rules state no posting of URL's in the foundry

I have noted that in our profiles we have a URL link to our website !

I will have a Youtube account and site setup to 'Roleplay' the mission scenarios when they become available...and let you all know.

It will probly be a few months before any of them are ready as I just started and have to play thru several Foundry missions myself!

Stay Tuned!

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# 2 My Foundry Missions !
01-16-2012, 07:33 PM

I finally got into the Foundry editor after the server crash - nothing but awesome !

I mean basically it is very easy to use - took me an hour to learn and setup a space mission; I have had some previous mission building experience that helped.

Now that I am in, I have a plan for a lengthy will be a series of missions to an endgame probly, but pretty basic altogether for my first series.

I need to increase my learning curve for us to get the most out of the missions though so it will be a month or more before I get any published..the authored missions out there are great and I need to review them so I can learn from that aspect as well.

Stay Tuned !!!

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# 3
01-22-2012, 04:13 AM
Great to hear look forward too it. The foundry community is really good with questions, so if you have any don't hesitate. Perhaps you'd like to check out

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