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# 1 Cardassian Jevonite Order
01-23-2012, 01:24 AM
That's right, we're back. The galaxy seemed to tamed and missing some flavor.

Join the ultimate society, those who dictate the plots and covertly pull the strings in the quadrant.

We enjoy our PvP, PvE, and RP. We are a fleet that also enjoys developing the bios and stories that make our characters more than a video game icon...We are CARDASSIAN.

Authors of the "Troubled Times Near Cardassia" and "New Beginnings" RPs. Author of "The Jevonite Order: Origins" story.

We keep the warrior on his toes, the inquisitor always investigating things which are not present, the prophet always spreading the words of doom, and the politicians begging for alliances.

The Jevonite Order is built around former Obsidian Order members; we are covertly operating within starfleet building our strength the Cardassian way


We are seeking Cardassians
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Rember; we are starting from scratch the fleet website is under construction. However if you would like to join post here or PM myself.

As a taste of what you can expect RP/Story is a small part of the Origins story. I hope you enjoy the read.

Spring 2387

The past few days, Lakarian City had been in darkness constant rains and a higher humidity than normal. Nador had only been on Cardassia Prime for three days, but it wasn't the home he left so many years ago. Today the streets were filled with Federation officers appointed to oversee the recovery operations and security to the few shops still in existence. To the old military commander, Lakarian City appeared more like a ruined human planet than his home and the destruction that still existed sometimes made it difficult to navigate if one had not been raised here. The Legate had begun his day mulling over reports of the deactivation project which had begun several months ago and heavy hearted at the knowledge that his Fleet of vessels would be the next to be torn apart. His thoughts over the future of his crew and the Cardassian people only haunted this highly decorated officer. Nador finally found the location he'd been seeking, a small burnt out home in a dark alley within the city. Although it had no name, many of the former higharchy within the Cardassian Union frequented the ruined home of Natima Lang and her home brewery of the best Kanar in Cardassia.

Nador walked through a set of broken doors barely hanging on hinges and looked around to find two of his old commanders together sullenly drinking a bottle together. The younger legate approached the two peers and greeted them both with a salute. The two stood up gave Nador a warrior's greeting by grasping the forearms, 'no need to salute here brother' Legate Kell commented 'care to join us, we're drinking to the end of Cardassia.'. The three sat down and poured more Kanar into their glasses, as Kell and Krim drank and participated in conversation the pain of being without a future. For the past forty years the military was all he ever thought of. Here now was a battle hardened commander known throughout the quadrant as one of the most aggressive leaders in Cardassian military history just sitting; staring at the table lost as a child in a darkened room. 'What troubles you Nador? Do you have a Vole (a Cardassian Rat) in your cabin?' asked the eldest Krim. The two elder leaders knew already without any words; They had been retired for ten years already, but each commander felt the same pains leaving their last post. This time was different though, more painful as an outsider had directed this dismissal.

Nador finally looked up and asked 'What am I supposed to do now? I fought my way up and now I'm just another colonist under Federation rule.' The two elders chuckled at the comment though both asked that very question so long ago. Kell spoke up and finally shared 'Well there are many things you can do now younger brother, I have invested in many propositions. I even own a share in a Ferengi trading company.' Krim interrupted 'And I have purchased two breweries from a couple commoners. I sell the Kanar, they Brew them and all of our families are sheltered'. After a couple minutes of total silence among the three and the bottle emptied, Nador stood up 'I don't want my future goal to be ensuring I have shelter. I've done to much and today all of your Cardassian leks are worthless. You can't even use them to purchase a container of water from a peasant boy'. Nador walked out of the hovel, heading to nowhere in particular; these days there was nothing for a soldier to do but wait for his ship to be scuttled by the Federation.

Walking through the ruined city only depressed Nador more than earlier, then he noticed a crowd forming near the city's old time keeper. The crowd also drew the attention of several Federation security forces as three officers approached to resolve any situation before it began. 'By the authority of the Federation provisional government, I order you to disband' growled an andorian officer. Several of the commoners quickly fled as Nador approached the scene. The andorian looked at Nador and grinned 'I said disband CITIZEN', The Legate looked shaken by the comment, but recovered quickly 'I am still a Legate until Star-Fleet officially takes command of my fleet. Who is your commanding officer?' The andorian looked at him with disgust; it was clear that the officer had a grudge for the Cardassian military 'noone is my commanding officer, I am the head of security on this province'. This drew a much more aggressive response by Nador than even his own people could believe, the warrior moved in quickly and bumped noses with the Andorian. 'I am a Legate, equal to one of YOUR Fleet Admirals...I do not speak to junior officers unless I am ripping their guts unless you are an Admiral, I would suggest you provide me your name and that of your commander!!'. One of the other Federation officers, pulled his phaser and pressed it against the side of Nador's skull..the third, a human stepped forward and calmed the gunman to lower his weapon then looked at the Legate. 'Our commanding officer is Brigadier Admiral Crenshaw, the provisional governor of Cardassia Prime and head of the reconstruction efforts in Lakarian City. I assure you that I shall report this incident to him immediately upon our return sir, there is no need to continue this exchange.' The three person security team backed down and proceeded on their way; The Legate then looked upon the remaining citizens 'What is going on, why are you all risking so much to gather such a large group?'. A civilian trader stepped forward 'Legate sir, three days ago I was travelling from the Devos system, returning to deliver more reconstruction materials. My limited sensors had picked up Jem Hadar warships heading into that system, but I thought nothing of it as we hadn't seen them in so many years. Today I found out that I had escaped an invasion, the Alpha Jem Hadar took Devos two and murdered most of the colonists on that planet.' Several commoners began chatting into the conversation, 'The Federation will respond, they are bound by the treaty of 2386' another spoke in 'I wonder how long it will be, they probably already have the Jem Hadar on the run' a third retorted the previous comments ' They are the Federation, they niether know or care about the future of Cardassia. They will do nothing, but to continue scuttling our fleet.' a fourth responded 'What about the Detapa council? Surely they will insist on saving the colonists.' Nador finally spoke again 'I will find out more on this, it is your duty to comply with the occupation troops and disband now. Speak nothing of this to others in the city until I'm able to gain more knowledge on this' The commoners didn't like the response, but the Legate continued to have the same powers of his office and the group went about their ways.
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01-23-2012, 08:17 AM
The Jevonite Order is now recruiting members.

1. PvP, PvE, and RP balanced; you can participate in which aspect interests you the most.

2. Informal friendly adult group

3. Currently Federation fleet, but will join the Cardassians IF they ever become playable.

4. Willing to work with new players and veterans alike.

Recognized by multiple STO fleets as one of the elite RP fleets.
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For a moment, Nador stood still recalling the magnificence of the sharply cut designs of Cardassian Legends carved and the musical tones sung throughout the city each hour by that time keeper. His ancestors had spent twenty years assembling that building, meticulously hand carving each angle and scene. Broken from his memories, now it was only rubble; many of the scenes once carved so completely now only small pieces remained for the old to remember portions of their deeds. The Legate caught his emotions and kept them within as he began walking again through the city. It was coming up to high noon and the multiple food lines began to swell, the lunchtime was technically the first meal many of the civilians had. The current occupation forces had kitchens up for the early morning, but they hardly had anyone attend because the times to obtain food were so early and with such a short time period..the occupation ensured that the civilians would be hungry throughout the morning. The kitchens also kept strict tabs on how much was rationed out, people were allotted a roll, a small bowl of soup, and two sticks of some vegetable they called celery. We had fallen to hunting voles in the evenings in order to feed our families and still the kitchens were better than the medical attention being provided to our people.

Nador continued walking until he spotted the provisional governmental building, it used to be the Lakarian Museum of Arts and Sciences. Now many of the Cardassian achievements were locked away by the occupation forces and replaced by pictures of the Federation chain of command and provisional government officials. As he entered through the double doors of the building, he spotted a young Ferengi ensign sitting at a lone desk in the center of the opened chambers. As the Ferengi stood up and asked "How may I help you sir? Are you lost?' being the lone Cardassian in the building the possibilities of this senior commander being lost or seeking trouble were the most probable causes for his presence.

'No ensign, I'm not lost. I'm seeking audience with the provisional governor' attempting to demonstrate his superior status, Nador stood tall and confident; looking directly in the young ensigns eyes. The Ferengi stood back a step or two in shock that this Cardassian would show so much confidence and strength. According to the beliefs of the occupation forces, such stances were a threat to the occupation and quickly three guards approached the pair conversing in the center. The guards set up to provide maximum advantage against this former officer then reported the scene to their security team leader. A Vulcan security officer entered the room from a nearby office and approached the Cardassian and ensign.
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01-23-2012, 10:27 AM
'I am Commander Junior Grade Tevor' spoke the Vulcan, 'How may I be of assistence?' The Vulcan stood patiently for a response, standing equally confident before his visitor. Of course, Nador dealt with experienced leaders before, this encounter failed to provide the desired effect that Tevor hoped to find. In the past ten years since the Dominion War, he had found that many Cardassian leaders had lost their self esteem and bravado. Now days Cardassian soldiers were seen as broken shells who continued to wear the accolades of their past. To the present security team, Nador was no different and would be treated as such.

'Commander, I'm seeking audience with the provisional Governor. At this time, I am still a Legate until my fleet has officially been disbanded.' responded Nador. 'The community is speaking of an attack by the Jem Hadar on Devos two and I wish to learn more about this before all of Cardassia is in an uproar over a rumor.' The Vulcan just stood there, investigating the expressions of this officer, he was not the same as the others. Most of those commanders would have gone about their business of feeding their families rather than worry about the occurances on other planets. After a moment of silence, the Vulcan responded.

'It is true sir, that the Alpha Jem Hadar attacked and currently occupy Devos two. StarFleet has dispatched the USS Stargazer, but since only a small community of settlers exsisteded on the planet, logically the Federation will do nothing to reclaim that system. ']Nador retorted 'Are you serious??!!! You expect the Jem Hadar to stand patiently by, exsisting peacefully? They are warriors Commanders, created for one purpose only to battle and defeat the occupants of the Alpha Quadrant!! They know no peace, it is weakness to them and as such, it is defeat which is unacceptable!!'. The yelling in the common chambers caught the attention of Fleet Admiral James Carpenter, the current occupation commander for Cardassia. Carpenter had a long exstinguished career with many battle streamers under his belt, but no other species obtained his inner hatred as much as the Cardassian people. It was time to set this unwelcomed guest straight and return him to his place as a citizen, the Admiral placed his warm tea on the desk and walked out of his office to end this emotional debate once and for all.

From behind the Legate, an elderly voice spoke up 'The situation is well in hand citizen and YOU are no longer a LEGATE. You are a citizen who has graciously returned Cardassian warships into the provisional government in order to complete our dismantling of the old regime.' Nador turned angrilly toward the newest adversary two find Carpenter standing firm with a phaser pistol aimed at the Legate's belly. 'Now sir, since you no longer have business in the provisional govoner's office I am asking you to leave. You have your answers and now your business is complete.'. Another couple of minutes passed by as the two stared each other in anger and hatred. Nador knew he couldn't win this fight, five and possibly six armed officers against one unarmed was not a strategically sound tactic for the one to enter combat. So, Nador began walking towards the double doors and back into the depressing life of a Cardassian citizen.

After leaving the great hall, Nador surveying the conditions of his home city. He noticed how the Cardassian merchants were greatly outnumbered by Ferengi, Valerian,Klaestron, and Federation venders. These foreign venders had hired citizens for labor jobs at much lower pay; the shop owners paid out in Cardassian Leks but refused to accept the Lek for payment of goods. That practice ensured the outsiders made maximum profit while paying just pennies to the poor for their work. The Legate thought to himself, at this pace we will never recover from that disaster. It was sad to see so many of the citizens sitting in alleys or under shaded trees drinking various liquers throughout the day, but the Cardassian people lost more than a population at the end of the war; They lost hope. Nador continued to walk the various alleys of his childhood; the mountainous spire of rooftops were replaced by seas of tied down tarps which fluttered with the wind making the appearance of multi-colored waves. The grounds of the various schools were overgrown and decorated with a mixture of ruble and garbage. The classrooms were now homes for the destitute, such institutions of learning quadrant renowned educators now were no more than dust while the children of Cardassia wasted away as a carcass in the desert.

Nador returned to Natima Lang's, he had pawned off several of his solid gold medals to gain the Leks for another bottle or two of Kanar. After ordering his drinks, he had just enough to purchase some Vole stew and a chunk of bread to fill his empty stomach. He sat on his ruble mound in the corner of the room and began consuming his dinner. Nador was halfway through with his dinner and his first bottle of Kanar when four of the most celebrated Cardassian officers in modern time appeared together. Legate Jasad Silaran (Rascalsviper75) commander of the third order and the Keldon class CDS Kamots, Legate Brolot Andor (Brolarter) was the fifth order commander and led the CDS TRAVEN, and Gul Keloth Leoran (Fire-914) of the CDS Flaming pheonix were each pivotal members during the Dominion war. The now retired Ambassador Buljinda Neklor had earned his reputation in many diplomatic ventures with colonies in the unclaimed space near the Breen Confederacy's border lands. The four individuals looked around and quickly approached Nador. A gathering of so many senior leaders of the old regime was dangerous, had the occupation forces known of such a gathering it would have been an automatic death sentence for the crime of sedition. As the four lowered themselves to the same rubble, the ambassador asked Nador 'Have you heard the word on the streets? of the Jem Hadar invasion?' Nador just looked up staring into the diplomat's eyes with an angry expression and nodded.
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Nador looked around at each of his comrades, 'I saw the occupation commander today, he informed me that the Federation would not be fulfilling their obligations according to the treaty of 2386 and would allow the invasion to stand as it only effected a small number of colonists.' The atmosphere for the rest of the evening became dark and angry in their small space, at that moment nothing exsisted outside of the five men as they spoke out their anger, their devastated dreams, and their plans to the others. Nador preached of the old ways, the successes of the Central Command and the battles won during the height of the Union. As he looked at his old friend Jasad 'I will reclaim my ship and find warriors to help me reclaim Devos two. One last battle to end a threat the Federation shyed away from. I will organize a movement to improve the lives of Cardassians, and rid us of this occupation we're trapped in'. The comment pulled the others into something more than they first expected and an aura of fear built up from a group not known for fear.

Legate Silaran leaned forward narrowing the conversation within the group. Softly he spoke, 'You know this talk is dangerous. What would we do? fight the security forces with sticks? We don't have ships or weapons of any kind. Your dreams of revival are only fantasies that can not be accomplished.' Former ambassador Buljinda agreed with Jasad and recommended that such talk be squashed before anyone began grasping for false hope. During this discussion, Legate Brolarter and the other younger officers sat back listening.

Nador finally cut in, 'I still have a ship, several in fact. My fleet is scheduled for deactivation in five days, chances are the Federation hasn't even inventoried the supplies yet. I can get enough former officers to reclaim up to three ships now and we will meet in the badlands to begin further planning. The longer we sit back; the more difficult this will be though. If this doesn't happen, I'll fight with sticks if I have to. If Cardassia continues to plunge into servitude for these humans; it will be from the military's lack of action, not because of some desire to improve our situation. Just look around you, eleven years of occupation and what has improved under the Federation Occupation?' Brolarter scratched his chin in deep thought, remembering the days when actions prevailed and the Cardassians were a free species within the stars. Nador just looked up and stared directly at Jasad 'I agree this isn't the choice location to be discussing this. I have an old farmhouse in sector five, if you choose to listen more than drop by after dark, I will have a single lamp burning at the window.' Nador than raised himself from his seat and left the brewery, heading back to the farmhouse to begin planning his first step to resistence.
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Through the vast sea of darkness, a small light burning in the distance marked the way for the six travelers. Each of them wearing the uniforms and medals of their past now stepping to a silent drummer towards the future of resistance. They had met outside of the walls at Lakarian City and traveled for three hours into a desolate valley which had been forgotten about by the occupation forces, how ironic that a forgotten shack would have such significant meanings for the future of an entire species. That is, if it was successful of course.

As the six passed burnt out barns and hovels, they approached the shack with the single lantern burning in a window. Jasad called out 'Nador, we're here as you requested. Let us in from the dark'. A few moments passed when a dark figure appeared in the window, silhouetted from the light. The door opened slowly and the visitors walked in. Inside the little shack, a small burner was cooking Red Leaf Tea while a stove roasted five skinned voles with a sauce covering the meat. Cardassian vegetables accompanied the voles on the sticks bringing a touch of artistry and taste to a common vermin. Brolot inhaled deeply and the aroma of spices overtook his emotions with joy. He stood there watching the delicacy as the others made their way to a small table covered in notes and star charts.

Brolat turned towards the group and decided to join them in the other room. He commented 'Well Nador, if you survive this wild scheme and all of this foolishness is done with..You can be a vole chef in the Cardassian slums.' Nador only looked at his fellow officer while the others at the table laughed at the Legate's expense. Brolat asked 'How much longer will you keep us starving before its ready?'. Nador walked past his fellow officer to lift one of the skewed snacks and tossed it to Brolat. Never in the fifth Order would this Legate lower himself to taste a vole, but now the fragrance demanded his stomach to indulge. Each of the six visitors bit into their meals.

Jasad began flipping through papers, inspecting star charts, and peering at the initial writings of Nador's plans. 'How did you recover the Federation's shipping routes? I thought all of this would be classified. At least it would be kept from the Cardassians.'. He continued to read reports, the mass amounts of scanning results, communications which were definitely encrypted and somehow deciphered by Nador. 'You have done a good job of infiltration so far, you are a competent commander and intelligence officer Nador. However, I'm still not convinced of your success in this whole ordeal.'

Nador approached the others and leaned into the piles of notes. The first step is to acquire our ships, the occupation forces allow commanders one final trip with the destination being the disposal yards. The commanders are allowed to have 10 crew members of their choice to each of their ships in order to aid them in navigating to the yards. If you choose to join, you will all be part of my crew on the Lakarian.'

Keloth cut off Nador, 'Communications, how will we communicate with the rest of your fleet without the Federation realizing it? When my fleet was disbanded, they transferred all of our communications security programs to monitor while we are in flight.' The other officers agreed and just looked at Nador for a solution to this current problem. Nador comfortably walked over to the burner in the center of the room and began pouring seven mugs of tea. He placed each on a tray and returned it for the others to enjoy.

'We will use the ancient code, used by our fathers before we encountered the Federation. I have tested this code during my return to Cardassia Prime, there is no evidence that the Federation has either caught on or attempted to decipher the code. I will teach each of you and one of my crewman on the other vessels how to write and break the messages. Prior to the mission, a set of coordinates will be provided to each of these officers and we'll have each ship head to the badlands using different routes. I've also studdied planets in the various systems I've plotted and if one is in trouble we will disguise ourselves in Iron ore rich caves to mask us. The Lakarian is the only ship that can not do this, we will have to run quickly or fight through any obstacles.' He looked at the others to judge their responses. Nador knew that Jasad, Brolot, and Keloth would join this fledging group. The question would be the other three, Elros Damar was a strong battlefield commander which placed diplomacy as a priority. Entek was an up and coming commander who fought with the Cardassian resistence with Legate Damar, his loyalties to the Federation could endanger the operation...Yet if he did join, the benefits were much more than the risks. Finally, Ambassador Buljinda would be the hardest to convince. He had fought so long for peace with the various factions, now it has come to pass at the expense of Cardassia. The Legate hoped that the ambassador would see the suffering of his people and choose to fight now
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01-23-2012, 12:56 PM
Jolan'tru Nador Ekoor its good to see you back on the Forums my friend
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Greeting's my spoon head buddy's , been a long time , how goe's it
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It goes well with the Cardassian people. proud to be back and taking up the banner of freedom again. We will now see who the true Cardassians are.

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