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# 1 Cure Walkthrough Newbs read
01-23-2012, 12:14 PM
here has been increased activity of Borg in the Vorn system. A small group of Honor Guard ships have been sent to investigate. Contact has been lost with them and you are being sent with a small task force to find them.
In the Vorn system you have two goals: protect the I.K.S. Kang and destroy the three Borg Launcher Bays (the Borg Cubes). The I.K.S. Kang is located in the center of space between the three Borg Cubes. Each Borg Cube has three Nanite Probes under it followed by another three under them for a total of 6. The strategy here is to destroy the three lowest Nanite Probes first, than the top three, and finally the Borg Cube. Basically these Nanite Probes heal what they are connected to which is why the lowest ones need to be destroyed first.
While doing this, make sure your team keeps an eye on the I.K.S. Kang because there are assimilated Klingon ships that will attack it. If it is destroyed you fail the mission. There is also an optional objective in which you must complete the entire mission in 15 minutes and the hull strength of the I.K.S. Kang should not drop below 75%. Completeing the optional objective will earn you a bonus reward.
After all three Borg Cubes have been destroyed along with all of the assimilated Klingon ships an assimilated Klingon Carrier will warp in. Just have your team focus all fire on it until it is destroyed. You can now collect your reward which is at a nearby beacon.
On the Vorn planet you must investigate the Borg activity. You will need to disable the nearby shield directly in front of you. First, go to the right of the shield where you will see a console. You'll need to scan this first. There are three Borg transformers here. Go to the furthest one (away from the shield you are disabling) and reconfigure it. You will notice a progress bar appear above it. If this bar empties out then you will need to start over.
After a little while a beam will shoot out to the next transformer. Go to it and reconfigure that as well. Repeat this until all of the transformers have been reconfigured. The last one will shoot out a beam that will destroy the console and lower the shield. You will need to do this a few times throughout the mission so remember this process.
As you get further into the area and will need to disable more shields. Two Borg Workers will beam in to fix the transformers so your team should defeat them before that happens. If it does you will need to start over. I highly recommend that when one transformer has been reconfigured someone stays behind to guard it while the rest of the team moves forward to reconfigure the rest. Feel free to have one or two people run back and forth in order to help the "protectors". Once the shield is down then you can continue on (just make sure you let everyone know the shield is down).
After bringing down the first shield in the area where you beamed into, you will have two tasks: locate and destroy the shield generator, and also search for clues and captives. Along the path to locating the shield generator there will be four Klingon captives stuck in a Borg holding cell. Use the console next to them to lower the shield and free the Klingon captive. There are also some Klingons who are laid out on what seems to be a low table. Make sure you scan these to obtain a Genetic sample. Remember there are four Klingon captives and four genetic samples you will need to get.

Throughout the area there are also Borg Auto-Defense Systems, almost like turrets. These are shields around them which make it impossible to pass through. Your whole team should attack it until the shields drop. At this point different types of shields will appear and you will have a small window of opportunity to pass through an opening in them. If you manage to get next to the turret then plant a spatial charge on it (an option will appear on your screen). At the same time everyone else should be attacking the turret because it will heal itself. If it is fully healed the shields will raise and you will need to start over.
After you have rescued all the Klingon captives and taken four genetic samples, as well as dropped the other shields, you will need to continue forward to the area with a large shield generator. Defeat the Borg here then destroy the four backup generators that are around it. Once that is done you can destroy the large shield generator. Now head back down the map and stay to the left. You will eventually come across Armek who is the Borg boss in this area. Your whole team should get very close to him and attack him. He will put random shields up around him to protect himself, and also Borg laser beams will be shooting down from above, which is why you should stay close to him.
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# 2 Great post
01-23-2012, 12:29 PM
Also rememeber:

Once all the lower probes and one upper probe are destroyed, 1X Negh’var and 1X Raptor decloak at the shipyard and move to attack the Kang.

If you destroy 1 Cube, the ships spawned at the other two locations change to Raptors. These deal much more damage. On elite this pretty much seals the fate of the Kang.

Once two Cubes are destroyed, the remaining Cube spawns waves of Negh’var battle cruisers.

Player Captains are able to use healing abilities on the I.K.S. Kang. Tactical team in particular is recommended as the Kang will not maintain its own shield distribution.

And awesome article on STOwiki discusses how one should only get each of the Cubes to 10% and then as with Infected take them down simultaneously.

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