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While I know Armek can be beaten I think the mechanics of this fight need a serious overhaul at least for normal. A lot of people have not experienced the fight so they either don't have the gear or know how to actually complete the encounter when doing the normal version. It has to be considered for the normal difficulty that people are relatively low geared, inexperienced, or are queuing as random group member so that team mechanics are not as smooth as they could be. Between the chain lighting, serious blaster, and orbital strike coupled with the small area barrier and cover shield at phase two the fight can be ridiculously hard and un-enjoyable. No other STF presents the difficulty in completing at the level this one does which causes a tremendous amount of frustration among all players in the group. I for one would think that removing the area barrier field or chain lightning would allow the mission still pose enough difficulty to be a challenge but without making it to easy as well. Without the barrier the team would still need to learn to spread out and think twice about rushing over to a fallen comrade. Without the chain lighting the team would still need some spread to avoid having multiple members die in an orbital strike but it would be less difficult as reviving a fallen comrade and then shocking them dead before they can take a hypo would not occur.
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01-23-2012, 10:48 PM
Just want to contribute to this thread.
Thus far, the only way I've seen people beat Armek is to employ underhanded methods:

1. Placing yourself in a 'blind spot'. Basically some people can find a particular spot in which they can hammer away at Armek without repercussion. Armek would just stand there till he keel over.

2. 1 person doing the shots inside the barrier, while all others are distracting Armek. Either placing turrets, generators (shield/medical), and generally running around looking silly, trying to shoot though the impenetrable force field, dying over a dozen times in the process, and incurring multiple (A LOT) critical injuries.

This is the same case in both normal and elite.
Basically there's no way to defend against him. As soon as Armek got his sights on you, no amount of cover shield, maco armor + shield can keep you from dying. I've seen him shoot through cover shield as if it weren't there.

And even gotten shot myself though HIS cover shield (basically when Armek put up his cover shield, I wanted to approach him and put in a bomb by sneaking through cover shielded area). He just shot me while I'm on approach, in front of one of his cover shield. It's like a one way mirror. He can shoot us while we can't shoot him.

If you happen to have full health and quick to use hypos and shield batteries, you're basically buying yourself a few seconds more. Barely enough to get another shot in. (and you still need to note whether Armek has adapted to your weapon yet)

Previous strategy to melee him, barely work since he can now drop multiple people with just 1 melee swing of his arm. Also seems to have some kind of shockwave effect of a bomb (360deg) when several people tried to melee him at the same time. Not quite sure if it's because we got someone always putting a bomb in and maybe Armek took a swing at it.

And forget about thinking to revive someone. Because of the chain lightning thing, even if you made it and rev your team member, both you and the revived member would almost certainly be killed in the next second.
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03-01-2012, 05:56 PM
If a player gets attacked by the boss in Cure for 500damage and there are other people around him the damage willlget passed on to the the other players near the target. It looks like electricity. Also his Orbital attack has only 10 range i think.. Maybe 15. If you are attacking him from the corner of the barrier thats surrounding the area then the orbital attack won't hit you.. Thats 2 ways not to get attacked...

I use 2 different strats depending on the team make up.

If we have a healer then the healer is tank and needs to stay within melee range of the boss. Pretty much the Sci use's a healing kit and out heal the damage thats coming at him. He won't last long but long enough to kill the boss... This always works. Well when theres a healer...

The second way with out a healer is someone be the tank and melee the boss while everyone else is in the corners snipeing him. Just starting as far away as possiable. When the second stag hits (when the shields go up) Everyone has to run around the boss to get line of sight to him to kill him because of the shields that he puts up. After so many tries he ends up dead. On must pug runs we die like 10 times before everyone gets it or we get lucky...

I think this fight is kinda like a dps race. Kill the boss before the tank dies lol...If you get attacked by the boss at all you need to use a hypo... @ shots from him and your dead. I have been 1 shotted by him before...
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03-04-2012, 04:42 PM
I have just played this mission. Armek caused 2 people on the team I was on to rage quit. I was one of them.

Thing is: right now Armek isn't looking all that beatable to the guy who's barely done 100 STFs. I'm sure it's different for a guy that has done a 1000, but we can't all be like that.

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