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I am hoping that someone might have encountered a similar bug to my own and could offer some advice.

I am a 700+ day subscriber. While browsing the forums recently, I read something that caught my eye. It was regarding the 300 and 700 day character slot rewards. I thought the post was mistaken until I followed the link to the veteran rewards matrix on the site. I don't know how I'd missed it for so long, but I had never received those character slots!

Over six months ago, after I should have received my 300 day character slot reward, I purchased a two pack of character slots from the C-store. The night of July 9th I created a KDF character and a Fed character on those two slots. Those were my fourth and fifth characters.

The reason I mention that is because CS's reply to my report of not receiving my 300 and 700 day character rewards was to say that according to what they see on my account, there is no record of me ever purchasing two character slots. The CS representative informed me that the two characters I created were, in fact, created using the two veteran reward characters slots.

So I think, great! All I need to do is tell them to look up the creation date of my fifth character, and when they see that it happened more than 6 months before my 700 day veteran mark, and that will prove that I'm missing the slots. Unfortunately, the CS representative comes back saying that my fourth and fifth characters were created on January 7th, 2012... only 17 days ago (mysteriously, this is actually the date that I reached 700 days). Somehow those two characters (both of which are level 50 with a combined total of over 240 hours, 10 days of active playtime) are showing up as being created on the day of my 700 day reward rather than 6 months ago!

Aside from my own memory of playing on those characters for over 6 months, I also am able to see the creation date of those characters on their in-game logs. I am not sure how, but it seems like my account information has been lost or changed in some way. My character creation dates are off by six months and they have no record of my character slot purchases from the C-store!

As far as I know all of my other veteran rewards work fine. I was able to claim my android BOFF, my skill bonus is in tact, I have loads of costume slots. It seems like it's just the character slot reward.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?


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