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# 1 F2P New player impression
01-25-2012, 12:16 AM
Started three days ago, and this is what I think.

1. Bug in the tutorial where I can't shoot my weapon. Had to log off and back in. Very sad for a game that's been released for 2 years.

2. Land and space quests are sometimes confusing to navigate (objective are shown on the top of your HUD). The auto nav and transwarp drive doesn't show on a lot of quests for some reason.

3. Just tried to purchase cryptic credits. Had multiple errors saying my info was wrong, which it wasn't. They certainly decided to bill me a dollar each time I tried. I won't go Gold, or spend any money on this game. I checked lots of forum posts and people have had problems with billing, most of the time the response is that it's the customers fault. And no, I won't put in a ticket, if someone doesn't want my money, I won't offer it to them.

4. Space battles are fun, best part of the game.

5. I really wanted to play Klingon, regardless of whether it was finished or not (after X years of development and 2 years of released to the public). They should have called it "The Federation Online."

6. No connection errors or lag.

Overall: I think the game is only appealing to ST fans, and people who've gotten into the series growing up. It's pretty much a captive audience with no alternative though, so I'm not surprised it's only an average game. Don't get me wrong, it's not a "horrible" game. Even though it's free to play, which eventually it won't be, I am going to stop playing. If you like it, more power to you, but in my opinion it's really poorly done overall when compared to other mmorpgs. Again, I'm not comparing this game to another, but it just seems poorly crafted

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