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Hi all, this a question relating to a friend of mine who has just got a pc capable of running STO, he created an account months ago and cannot remember any of the details of it (he was trying to run it on a netbook at the time), we then created him another account (PWE) and were unable to login to the launcher with it even though we had the right username and password and could login to the forums with this info, the error we were getting was invalid username and or password, since we knew this was not the case we were kind of stumped, we then created about 3 more accounts which all had the same problem, and yes we logged into his email accounts and clicked on the verification link each time, I eventually realised that the launcher would let him log in but only if he puts in the email address of the account not the username he picked when he signed up, sorry for the detailed account of how things went but im hoping this might help others out in the future, basically I would like to know if this is a common occurance when creating a pwe account now? and if there is any way to change it so that he can put in his username as I do with mine.

Many thanks for any help

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