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The Andromeda Series: Chapter 2 : Illegal Occupation
ST-HHH867DPJ - Long - Hard Ground Combat Only

Module Introduction:
After resolving the hostage situation on Andromeda 5 [Episode Andromeda[#1] - A New Command] it seems all Starfleets efforts have been for naught.
The Klingon Empire has returned to Andromeda 5 for reasons unknown. They have now transferred a large ground force to Andromeda 5. But all may not be as it seems.

Admiral Quinn's Introduction via his Yeoman.

We have received news from the Andromeda Exploration Facility.

Unfortunately it seems your last mission was for naught. Even though Starfleet has removed the research facility from the planet,
The Klingons have retaken Andromeda 5 with a larger force. Starfleet Command still has no idea why they are doing this again when
they have had no concern about our being there in the past.

Starfleet has assigned you and your away team to the strike force to investigate this new threat. You are to leave immediately on the troop transport.

The rest in-game..No spoilers here

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