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Why does the buying cryptic points option take me to a page to buy zen?
I know it is a PW acct. but each time i try to make a cryptic acct. it changes to PW.
Is this just a ploy to make people buy the zen then have to trade it to crytic points at a 20% loss?

Or what am I doing wrong.
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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01-25-2012, 01:05 PM
10 = 1000 C-Points
9 = 1000 Zen which transfers to 800 Cpoints

So 1 on Cryptic is 100 CP and 1 on PWE is 88,88 CP, but, and correct me if i'm wrong, on all Cryptic Purchases you have to add the local VAT (didn't see that in the purchase form at the PWE site), so for me, living in Germany i have to put 19% extra on my purchase, so that 1 for 100 CP is 1,19 in the end.

So if i take that 1,19 and buy Zen for it it will raise from 88,88 CP (which i will get for 1) to 105 CP, so i will get 5 CP more when i buy Zen.

In fact that i was always bad in math at school (thanks god this time is over ) this is without guarantee

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