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# 1 Idea to revamp ground pvp
01-25-2012, 02:35 PM
lets face it, it is a vary small maniority that enjoys ground pvp, my opinion of why will be covered later. now when this game first launched ground pvp was not fun at all. 5v5 first team to 40 kills wins.

now i belive the way the Dev's inmagend it it was going to be like a quick pick up STF where insted of mob and boss. you had to work as a team and overcome the cunning of a human squad.

how it really worked, it was slow* now it is a nice speed now but im still newish to the way things work now a days . it was lopsided, often 5 Feds v 3 Klingons. the maps were way too big. most of the time was spent just trying to find the other guy and goodness forbid both teams playing defensibly. and then there was the teams. most pvp games are pug's, unless you are a part of the ORGANIZED PVP channel in chat or part of a fleet or house. if you are pugging than you have little to no organisation between players so it ends up as a group wandering blindly around or individual's going off on there own so now ground pvp is as it is now, neglected by both players and the Dev's.

my solution

bring our away teams into pvp, think about it, in space we have a ship, with you as the captain. you have Boffs that give you bonus' and powers. you are a self contained effort co-ordinated with in a larger capacitie with other ships. why not bring that to ground pvp. rebuild the ground pvp maps to be a bit more open and more like a battle field and let us go at it. i mean you bring them on all other missions so why cant you in pvp? it will make it more cinematic as well.

possible concerns

lag--one could argue that having that many sprits on screen at one time could really slow down the response time between player and server, this would be most true for Asia and Pacific players seeing as there is only one server on the US East coast.

** now im no programmer but in pve if you run a STF as lets say all engineers and lay a lot of mines or turrets there is little apracible difrence. also IIRC space and ground is the same scale and you can have a CRAP TON of clutter and yes of older rigs there is a lot of lag but we know that it can work so lets try it

but I enjoy the close team combat feel-- as i stated above there is only a few that play ground pvp, a minority but a group of players not the less, so what if they dont want to feel like there in the war of the worlds but want to play as a small group v a small group

**well fret not, the current maps for the most part are not suited for large combat, so its not like there going to get rid of them. i say make some special acclamation for elite squad v squad

Grand battles dose not seem very "Trek"-- this will be a major point of contention for this game, people will like Star Trek as they have seen it in the show. in the show you never see large battles of troops. yes big navel battles but not ground. it does not seem in the spirit of the show to go in this direction

**this will as i imagine be the big topic for this thread. and i just have a few points to give before you rebut. one Star Trek has always had a vary tight budget. TOS's budget went mostly to renting the stage and equipment and feeding the staff. a few shots of a ship firing weapons costed a lot of money in the 60's and Gean Roddenberry paid for it because he felt that it was important for the story telling process. and even through the life of the series and the spin off's Star Trek has been about pushing what storytelling is about. in this game we dont have the limitations that a TV series would have, we can expand and explore, and GROW. for in growth there is life

those are the biggies, feel free to cuss and discuss as you will.
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# 2
01-27-2012, 04:48 AM
, people rageing about OP this!!! & OP that!!! they get 300+ views a day, i give a constrective argument and i only have 20 views. :/
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# 3
01-27-2012, 04:50 AM
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# 4
01-27-2012, 05:04 AM
Any ideas to re-invigorate the ground game are good. This idea of bringing in away team is a good one and has been recommended before. Perhaps a separate queue with just one or two captains and their away teams. 5 may seem overwhelming except in an open map like Otha or like.
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# 5
01-27-2012, 01:22 PM

i would like the Devs to design new open maps (resources permitted) and hopefully have say muti tired objectives, think of a two sided STF where you have two of three minor objectives that have to be controlled to unlock an central objective. ala king of the hill if you will.

im home for the week end ill see if i can cobble together a visual aid to try to get my point across

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