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01-31-2012, 09:57 AM
Originally Posted by Capt_Luke
I'm not sure what everyone thinks but pretty much for me the BO layout screams another support ship which we do not need and already have. AKA Star Cruiser. Plus even if you tried to make this ship do some damage your defences in a serious PvP situation such as premades, fleets or solo would be severely compromised. What kills it the most is the fact that is has 3 science consoles and only " 2 " tactical consoles, again screaming as a support ship.

This ship will never be able to do serious damage because it is too slow, lacks consoles, lacks a decent BO layout. We don't need another support ship already. So either you go dps and have no serious defence which will pretty make you as easy as a BOP or you go maximum defence and support and do no damage.

No thanks Cryptic. Back to the drawing board on this one I think. I'll stick to my my Majestic Class over this because it is perfectly balanced to do both.

That's pretty much how I feel about it. Feel free to comment on this or about your thoughts regarding to the ship.
What you've said is similar to the conclusion I came to yesterday when I tried out the Odyssey on tribble. If I was to have aux to dampeners in order to get the thing to turn better, I would be sacrificing polarize hull or hazard emitters. As an engie officer, I'm forced to configure my space skills so as to maximize hull strength, shield strengh, and take weapon skills as far as they can go because no matter what I do, the Odyssey isn't going to be able to turn well enough or dps well enough to justify replacing tanking skills.

So basically, yeah. The Lt commander universal and ensign universal are only good if you have enough tactical console slots to justify using the Odyssey as a more tactical oriented ship. Since you can't maximize your DPS potential as much as your tanking potential, going heavier tactical in Odyssey as an engie captain will never be viable.

Edit: To please science captains and more tactical oriented engineer captains, I can definitely see Cryptic adding one more tact and science console slot on the +1 Odyssey.
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01-31-2012, 10:38 AM
I like anything free, so give me, give me.

As for the "The Flag Ship must = all powerfull"....I dunno about that.

From what I've seen in the GAME so far is that most Fed Ships are Eng class, Klingons are DD/Tact Orienated, and Romulans are Sci (In PVE they use the most sci boffs i could be wrong, i'm sure someone will write a 10 page report on why i am wrong). So i guess if STO is using that as a guide lines then The Flag Ship should be ENG for FED, and TCT for KLG, and SCI for RM for when/if ever we get our hands on them.
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01-31-2012, 02:53 PM
the really cool thing about this ship is, that you can have nearly every skill on this ship, and when you combine it with a ltcom sci with PO2, you have all skill reduced to their self-cooldown so you dont need any double skills. it does exactly what was intended: its a very versatile ship.

for a game though, we now this since wow and paladins (classic) , chars/ships that can do everything, but excellent in none, are weak in general (and indestructible ... ;-)) roleplaygames prefer extreme characters over versatile.

when you pve you need dps only ... when you pvp you need durability. now with that ship, you have both, but to less to excellent ... so youll suck in both environments.

i really think a konsole mod layout like this: 2tac, 2 sci, 3 eng, 1uni consolemod woeuld have been better. what its woth when i can have a commander tac, but have only 2 mods.

i also think that the bortas in contrast is WAY to good. 4tac and 4engineering. the only thing it looses, is something you dont need anyways: science ...
in the one sciconsole the borg-console will be put into. 4x dis 26%, 8 arrays. faw3 + ap beta1 with lets say 4 eps /4 weaponpower consoles makes EVERY other raptor/bop/cruiser nearly obsolete in kdf fleet ... its WAY to good. not to mention ep to weapons 3.

i doubt that an odyssey would be able to survive a bortas (alpha)attack, nor can any other ship. even when the entF is only build up as a heal/resist cruiser ... (you know delta1, sif3, ent3, he3, polhull2 ...) it wont survive that. (mostly because we got more of that, that sucks: science!)

the console setup is just tooo good. i mean, really: 2tac consoles vs 4. 4engi both, and 2sci more.

also we must state that, to play the entF sucessfully you need to switch energylevels ALL the time. while the bortas just needs to pump damage into the enemy. the rest is done via eng slots. you never need aux power. in the few scislots you use (2 ) you put sciteam2 and 1 so you can leave out aux totally. (saves up skillpoints too ...) so you dont need any shieldheals in eng at all.

i really must say, that somehow the entF wil lack situations where it will excellent in. while the bortas is something like a super-durable-dps ship. (like the bug, but with twice its hull and shields ...)
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01-31-2012, 03:28 PM
Can you say TSSIII & ESIII or AuXtoSif III...delicious healing potentials...
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01-31-2012, 03:53 PM
healing doesnt kill ships in stfs ^^ or in dailys ^^. but, whats with this option:


2tac 3eng 3sci +1uni

so we could use it as tac if we go with a ltcom tac.

we put it as sci, if we use an ltcom sci bo, or use it as eng console, so we have the old layout.

i would also give up the en uni for this ... i dont have need for any en ability ...
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01-31-2012, 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
set up looks great in my view. love the versatility but it does not seem overpowered.
I do agree. Looking forward to it.
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03-20-2012, 05:28 AM
Originally Posted by Capt_Luke
Take a look at the stats for KDF flagship. " 4 " tactical consoles. Clearly overpowered beyond hell with that.

+15 to weapons, same deal.

Good luck trying to out dps that kind of firepower with only 2 energy consoles or 1 energy console and 1 torpedo console cause it will never happen.

Science consoles suck now ever since the nerf. So having 3 let alone 6 if it were possible wouldn't do this ship any justice.

Stop making support ships for the Federation Cryptic. We need some FIREPOWER for once.

firepower? nah, defense/heals wins the day, ever since FIREPOWER was nerfed from escorts =P

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