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I just rolled a new toon today, & put him in the Vandal Destroyer. I was awed. This is one of the funnest ships I've flown in game.I strongly recommend you give it a try.

My build
3 DHC forward, 1 turret & the Bio-neural warhead rear.
Device slots- RMC, Aux bat.
Engine- Prototype Gravitic modulation impulse
shield- Covarient capx2
Deflector-Tachyon Deflector [FLwC] [INC]
Eng-Diburnium phaser/disruptor resist armor
Sci- plasmonic leach, flow capacitor
tac- 3 x disruptor consoles
LTC Tac- TT1, CRF1, CRF2
Ens Tac- TT1
Lt Eng- EPTS1, ET2
Ens Eng- EPTS1
Lt Sci-PH1, Tach Beam2
Doffs, 3 sheild distribution officers, 1 maint Engineer,1 Warp theorist.
This ship is insanely fun to fly, It turns on a dime,( & looks cool tilting while it does so), & it's so tanky i don't even miss having a cloaking device. It looks like a psychopathic angelfish & kills feds dead.
Take one into an arena & you'll see what i mean.
EDIT- i just switched to tetryon cannons, & it's even better.

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