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# 1 STFs PuGs and the Dps chase
01-17-2012, 12:48 AM
I have played a lot of STFs since there recent update. Very pleased with them indeed.

Sadly the PuGs are full of Feds in Beamboats with the dps of one legged, lame, addled, camel.

I realised quickly that in the most part these missions are a DPS chase. There is even a nice big mob at the start of the instance performing a little 'dps-check'. Gives you a nice feeling for how the rest of the instance is going to pan out.

So, in the end I settlled for flying my Neg with DHCs up front and providing a nice balance of respectable damage alongside some survivability. The engi slots allow for EWPIII which is useful for some direct damage to the hull and the all important slowing down of enemy ships. USing borading parties and aceton fields again were decisions I made to reduce the effectiveness of the mob whoever he is shooting at. All this means, of course, I sacrifice top end heals... no-one ever healed a target to death and they got a LOT of hitpoints.

What I am wondering is where others have drawn the balance between the two. With my current set-up I can hold up for a short while against the Tac cubes, but obviously expecting someone else to heal you too in a PuG is like asking for Venezuela for Christmas from your unemployed, demeted uncle. I also realise that the more you push survivability the more dps you lose.
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# 2
01-17-2012, 08:26 AM
I think par of the problem is there's too many cruisers floating around. Nobody wants to fly the squishy escort because they die to quick. But they die to quick because nobody cross heals. I've been in plenty of these pug stfs with at least 3 cruisers and not one of them will thrrow out a heal to anyone. Its actually sad bein this is an mmo but it feels more like a single player with 4 npcs on ur side.

I've also seen escorts with all beams ... I have to clue what the point of that is. Flyin an escort takes a bit more skill then just fly up and smash the spacebar.

Feds can't have dhc except on escorts, so if your playin with feds the non cross healin beam boat is just smethin you have to live with. The best you can do is spec yourself out the best you can. Just carry some extra dhc/beams with you so u can swap them out as needed.
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# 3
01-17-2012, 03:13 PM
Don't call my escorts, raptors and BoPs squishy! ... They hold up quite well!
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# 4
01-17-2012, 04:48 PM
I agree with you on the PUG STF's, I have been running a Negh'Var with Extended Shields and seems I am the only one that actually sends heals to other ships. Even though I truely hate sending heals to the Feds, finally I just stopped doing it since the Feds seem to be just wanting to do as much damage as they can and not worry about the others on their team. "Peaceful Armada" my bum, more like "Selfish Armada". Also there are always a few that roll "Need" on everything every STF. Best STF's I have been on is with most of the team made up of honorable Klingons that know what their ships can and cant do..........which seems most Klingon players doing STF's do have that knowledge. My favorite is when a Galaxy class capt. said he will go one side cuz he can handle it in a few minutes later he's dead....made me laugh profusely.
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# 5
01-17-2012, 04:59 PM
Hey! I'm a fed and my escort survives just nicely. Of course it's a bug ship. But I do get the point. Case in point in cure today space, someone jumped on the hang. Could not kill the BOP. But would not go to the cubes and let me keep the hang safe. So I did double duty, with cubes and kang.
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# 6
01-17-2012, 10:19 PM
all of my KDF LtG's are in Vorcha refits with 4 dual cannon (dual cannon, NOT dual heavies) forward and 4 turrets aft. I dont even bother with torps. A single RCS console and 3 armor in the engineering slots, assimilated borg Uni console and a bio function monitor for SCI consoles, and 3 tac consoles to boost what ever weapon type I mount. No rainbow loadout for PvE here! Basicly I load up Antoprotan weps as fast as I can get them.

Lt TAC, TT11, CRF 1
Ens TAC, TT1
LtC ENG, ET-1,SPengines-II,DEM-II
Lt SCI, Poloraze Hull-1 Sci team-II

I tend to get up close ad personal.. and I tend to be the only one willing to chase down the Guard ships when they pop. Gift wrap them in engine Plasma and the turn and hammer them. Poloraze hull because I hate being tractored. Nothing good ever came of a tractor beam. I mostly dont worry to much about getting healed and have the two Eng Team to self heal and two Tac Team to move shield energy aroundv a bit and hold off having to hull tank as long as possible.

All told this has been a very successfull build for me... and this specific build is for my KDF Science captain. The set up is all about killing targets before I get killed and doing it fast, and not depending on help that likely wont be there. I have out DPS'd a number of Fed escorts inspite of all thier TAC captain abilitiees and effusive TAC BOFF abilities.

I fly very aggressivly in STF's and will LEAD the escort types to where they need to fight if they have to as I've found the best healing is killing the bad guy first. That way you can take all the time you need to patch up your ship.

I'm still amazed by the number of players that don't go after the guard raptors in Cure as soon as they pop, or the guard spheres in infected and KA. I guess they just dont get it that if your team mates are dead they're not contributing to the DPS. I'm always seeing players get so fixated on the taragt in front of them that they're not paying ANY attention to anything other then that target. I often end up playing "fireman" on teams where I'm the only KDF. Firepower of an escort, shields and hull of a cruiser, manuvarability equal or better then a science ship. I essentially treat my battle cruiser like a really really big *** escort.

I've tried other ship types with mixed results.

WIthout good team work the smaller BOP's jjust dont do as well, and raptors due just fine, but I just happen to love flying a battle cruiser.. SOmethig about those wonderfull drift turns I'm able to do...

And I almost aalways pull doouble duty in Cure protecting the kang and hitting the shipyards. Thats why I have the Emergency power to engines in there.. To give me that extra bit of mobility to get around the battlefield
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# 7
01-18-2012, 07:23 AM
I have a tactic with regard to keeping the Kang at 99% at least. When the BOP start out, if you get the first one quickly, the second one gets wiped out with the warp for breach of the first one. But you need to have the DPS to strip it quickly while they are still close and in line on the way to the Kang. Once they hit the Kang it gets harder as they are hitting you and the Kang. If you can keep this rhythm up for 2/3 of the cubes, by the time the 3rd one is ready to be attacked the whole team can make sure none of the ships heading to the Kang make it.

It's just when 4 out of the 5 team mates think they need to protect the kang that it gets sucky, and you get overwhelmed with attack ships. Some people just don't get that the quicker you get the cubes, the less attack ships get out.
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# 8
01-18-2012, 01:36 PM
yea best tactic on Cure is sweep the bops and everyone on the yard.. if you have any reasonable DPS on the team you can kill the guards and nanites and one or two peal off to go back and sweep the incoming of the kang while the rest finish off the yard's cube... the two that turn back can even go nibble on lower level nanites at the other two yards if thier fast... one less target to have to take out later in the mission.
On the second yard if theres communication, I like to see a DPS take out the lower nanaites only at the right most yard, pealing of to kill and raptors that head toward the kang. The remaining 4 on the second yard should kill lower nanites first, kill any raptors that come out (gord or Kang bound doesn't matter, just kill em fast) once the gaurd raptors are dead, one peals off and goes to help the DPS on the left yard, pop an upper nanite and kill the guard raptors ..a little luck and good timing and I have seen all three yard dead and no AI ships living with as much as 7 min to spare and thats with no one haveing any special consoles, no heavy plasma, no tri cobalt.. just more or less normal ships..

Its more about a good ship set up and team work then anything else.

I like flying with thinking players..

I also always start cure with a team message "Sweaaping BOP's left to right, meet you at the yard!" Most player get it and the other 4 head for the right side yard and get to work.. I'm in there with them with my fire power around a min. after the mission starts.. with my firpower those BOP's dont live very long..And yea I like to be hitting them eaarly nuff myself so that the forward BOP dying fratracides the following BOP.
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# 9
01-18-2012, 02:50 PM
I got the karfi setup fairly nicely.
I simply toss out the fighters, good damage when they explode, and when we load down on a Cure hub, nothing leaves that hub, raptor, bop, or neghvar. I control that site when I am on it, and I keep my eye on the one protecting the Kang. quick bat or power to engines and hop over to kang to fight off the attacks and quick hop back.

I hear ya on those getting fixated. They do that, and some, lol, even bad mouth others when they just sit back and do nothing to help or anything to add to the DPS. I had this one guy in KA space call everyone "noobs" when all he was doing was killing 2 probes and just parking doing nothing.. in and escort lol.


anyhow, yeah I watch the rolls mostly, if i see someone go the NEED route, i just need right along with them. If party goes greed then I greed right along with them.
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# 10
01-19-2012, 07:10 AM
Oh yeah, if need is rolled once then I need. Most of the loot at VA I assume goes onto the exchange or sold to a vendor. I don't think many people doing STF are in need of loot.

Every now and again I get into a cure with one particular person. They send the message "protect the kang or we loose" then proceed to call everyone a moron for not being with them at the kang and instead work on taking out the cubes. I esp was called a moron repeatedly for correcting them on how to do the mission. Even up to the point of the optional drop happening.I thought maybe it was their first time and they read a wiki guide on it or something, but after the second time I don't know why they act like that.

I can usually tell if a team is good by time. If we are taking on the last cube and 9 min or so are left it's good. If we are getting down to 3 min I get a bit nervous.

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