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For clarity, this:

I was happy with what I received but disappointed that the subscription time benefits didn't spill over to new characters I created. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it is intended, but although I have an active subscription until 4 Feb 2012 due to this promotion new characters are treated as though they are Silver rather than Gold.

I bring this up only because my primary character that I had created while my account was Silver was upgraded with Gold-level benefits, but only that character. It could be that I simply have misinterpreted the promotion and how it works, but if this is a bug (either in my favor or against it) I want to point it out so it may be addressed.

Another small issue is that, while on my new character it correctly tells me that I only have the Enterprise uniform parts unlocked (as advertised), the primary/original character on the account enjoying Gold benefits is told that she has access to the T'Pol outfit and Mirror Universe outfits as well (when she does not, and that is emphasized by the request for Cryptic Points to be purchased if I am to choose those clothing options).

I'd just like to get clarification as to what exactly the promotion is supposed to do, why the discrepancies between the characters exist, and if it's a bug or oversight to get it corrected. It would be incredibly bothersome were I to decide to purchase an outfit in the future and experience similar problems, or if I were to purchase say the T'Pol outfit only to be told I already have it when I do not.

Thanks for the promotion, I'm not ungrateful, just confused.

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