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Hey all! Just wondering of Slowing The Expeditionary Forces still exists? I have not seen it pop up in pve que since the f2p change and I even looked for it under private pve matches and its not even on the list of options there!

I'm wondering... is "Klingon Scout Force" the space pve FA needed to get credit for "Slowing..." ??

If anyone knows the answer, please post ASAP!

Also, is/was "Halting The Gorn Advance" tied to any missions from 1-50?? I dont remember any....

Thanks in advance! STO4ever! Salute!

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Hi! I know I still have the mission in my" in progress". The Klingon scout force is what needs to be done for it. It is located in the Laurentian System, of the Xarantine Sector in the Pi Canis Sector Block. If you go there you should see icons on your map near it that say fleet action. If you click on that it should bring you to the mission.

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