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To the mods, yes I know that there is a sticky post already on this, But it doesn't give a fix for my father in laws unplayable game.

Problem; hard crashing during stf missions only.

System specs:
Windows 7 64bit
Asus M5A97 EVO
Gigabyte Radeon 6870HD
16gig Corsair Vengeance Memory
2TB WD Hard Drive
System has all updates currently as of last night.
Bios latest one already installed.

In the past 24 hours I have completely gutted all the video drivers and cleaned the system with driver cleaner to get rid of any left overs hiding on the system or in the registry.
Uninstalled directx and reinstalled them.
The next step is to completely remove STO from the system and reinstal it.

Even setting all the video settings to the lowest levels hasn't helped the game still hard locks in stf's only not anywhere else. Not is ground missions or even DSE'S.

Now this only happens in STO and not in any other game on the system.
Other games installed.
Crysis 1 and 2

Any ideas on fixing this would be helpful.
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01-28-2012, 08:04 PM
Try playing the game in Safe Mode.
Also try resetting your router and modem.
Check your firewall make sure it allows STO through it.
That's all I can think of that might help.
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01-28-2012, 08:53 PM
Will try the safe mode and see if that helps.

STO is allowed through the firewall on the system.

The router wouldn't cause only one computer in the house to lock up but leave the others unaffected.
(We have 2 more towers and one laptop running STO and all of them are hard wired to the router.)



Safe mode still crashes (not as often)
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01-31-2012, 11:07 AM
Well the bad news!

Even in safe mode the system hard locks in STF'S, and this only happens in STF'S nowhere else. Thus the only conclusion I can come up with is there is some file that is corrupt on the hard drive and it is the one causing the game to crash.

What's really troubling is that I had the launcher verify the files and it says that everything is correct. So I'm left with the only option of completely gutting STO from the system and re-install the game from scratch..

That is unless someone has a better idea of what may be behind this crashing problem.


Currently trying in windowed mode to see if it is that old "full screen bug" again.

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