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Far From Home

Post S5, Far From Home is now repaired and ready for play. At launch of S4 severe technical problems crippled this mission it had been playable but was not working as intended, I am thankful to say many of these technical bugs I have been able to correct due to the latest updates.

Far From Home takes place within the Azure nebula, where the Klingon high counsel sends you to investigate a new source of dilithium within a pocket of the nebula previously unexplored. In the process you will encounter three unique species, lean about their culture, and technology. Through your honor as a warrior, or cunning manipulation you will pit one side against the others and ultimately seize control of the star system and its resources for the glory of your emperor.

Medium difficulty space combat, very limited ground combat, allows player to be diplomatic to learn the story, or charge through guns blazing.

I hope you all enjoy!

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