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# 1 Broken UI
01-29-2012, 11:09 AM
I have played this game on and off for almost 2 year and I am shocked to find, after returning for FTP that the UI is still as broken as it has always been. This isn't a comment about how the UI is chinsey and would appeal to a lot more people if it had animations, reactions, or just 3D edges, which is true too, but no, this is a comment about simple things that should take about 30 secs to fix.

1. Remembering System Details Setting: You know that little picture of a planet that pops up when you fly close to a solar system? You know how you can minimize that picture by clicking the little arrow? Why can it not remember your preference? It literally resets any time you load to a new area. Just silly...

2. Remove the Show Astrometrics Button: Let's be honest. No one liked Astrometrics anyway and no one is turning it on, on the fly. The option is in the UI options, just remove the button, it doesn't need to permanently be there.

3. Don't close the Music Player every time you load into a new zone: Sort of self explanatory so I will just add that it sort of defeats the whole purpose of the Music Player.

4. Stop Auto-Equipping: If my ground guy is only holding one weapon, it is probably for a reason, and if my ship doesn't have Aux Batteries equipped, probably also for a reason. Please just stop equipping without permission lol.

5. If Indicators are Disabled, that Should Mean Peripherally, Too: Or at least have an option for it. So, to clarify, I am talking about things like disabling the indicators that go over the tops of ... Say... Allied, non-team member ships in space view, which works. But then when they pass out of your field of vision, a huge arrow appears on the edge of the screen. If I didn't care where they were when it mattered, I really don't care as I fly away from them lol. More importantly though, it clutters my view. Makes it harder to see things that matter, like enemies, items, and places to go.

6. Multi-Part Sector Blocks Should Have Corresponding Multiple Entrances: For example, if you are in the Sirus Sector, at Sol, and you want to go to the Regulus Sector Block, using Auto-Navigation, you have to fly down a sector first. Why can't you just fly straight 'right?'

[EDIT] 7. Thought of a good one... Not DeCloaking When a Bridge Officer Talks to You: Self explanatory.

Lastly, I would just like to state that I am not posting this as a hater. I am posting this for the opposite reason: This game has gone through a LOT of really good changes and it is finally becoming a high quality game that I would love to keep playing for a while. Like I said, these problems have been around forever, it just has never been worth the time and effort to complain about them before. I used to think, "these are annoying, but these are the least of STO's problems." I think it is a good game now and with a couple very simple, easy, quick tweaks, the game could be a lot more usable for the average gamer. By average, of course, I mean the people who don't have a cap char on any game. They sit down and play for as long as something holds their attention. These people usually lose attention span very quickly if something is 'off,' like a broken UI, for example.
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# 2
01-29-2012, 11:25 AM
What UI are you talking about
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# 3
01-29-2012, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by Xcom46 View Post
What UI are you talking about
? The... Game's UI? I am not sure I understand your question.

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