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Probably similar threads have already been started, nevertheless, I deem it necessary to keep this issue an actively discussed one.

I've recently noticed that there have been some anouncements about "improving the playability of the Crystalline Entity Fleet Action".

Well, I'd like to know whether there are similar plans for The Big Dig Fleet Action. Overall it's nothing but a protracted, monotonous, somewhat confusing, and ultimately extremel boring carnage.

A more logical, more varied, and perhaps more linear progression of the fleet action would be better in my eyes. What are your thoughts, and more importantly, are there any news from Cryptic about that?
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01-30-2012, 01:19 AM
Originally Posted by Akira-sensei View Post
it's nothing but a protracted, monotonous, somewhat confusing, and ultimately extremely boring carnage.
Hence why it's called The Big Dig =)

No, but seriously. I'm a newb, just started trying this today.

What I don't get is: how does the scoreboard work? What determines placing?

1. Does damage to mines count?
2. Does damage to the infinitely respawning frigates count?
3. Does damage done BY mines to the player count?
4. Do the mines do damage to Gorn targets - if so, does this count?
5. Does damage done by Warp Core Breach count?
6. Does hull/shield regeneration effects count?
7. Who benefits from damage increases from debuffs on hostile targets - the caster, or the team member whose damage is buffed, even though he didn't cast the debuff?
8. Is it damage/regen/damage taken, or just kills? If the lattermost, which kills count?
9. Is there a way to view scoreboard before the match ends?

The layout is confusing. I think it could be helped by:
1. Adding more differentiation in the player's field of view to make it easier to establish depth perception and thus orientation
2. Differentiating the enemy units besides just endless frigates and a few cruisers
3. Altering the palette and perspective so the planet and orbital platforms are viewable from further away
4. Adding some weak friendly NPCs to help structure the experience more without putting it on rails or trivializing it
5. Increasing hostile AI aggressiveness
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01-30-2012, 02:15 AM
I've done the Big Dig in its entirety twice I think. I should get a medal or something.

Actually they should give titles for it, first time you complete it you get the "stubborn" title, then the "seriously bored" title and finally the "masochist" title.
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01-30-2012, 07:33 AM
Tbh, I find most of the Fleet Actions to amount to "Attempt genocide against a race of your choosing". The Big Dig/Romulan Temple Action (Quite easy to kill 500 Romulans without getting near completing it) and the Minefield Action being the worst offenders. SB24 and Klingon/Fed Scout force aren't as bad, but they can still be a bit spammy. I presume the reason for so many mobs is for when there's more than 1 team in the Action, so there's enough things to kill for everyone.

Breaking the Planet generally seems to be okay, and it's definitely the one that I've had the most fun on, although groups beaming in behind you when you're trying to take out the Artillery Spotters happens at times. Which is annoying.

I can still do them (except Big Dig, because I've never had a group stay together on it), so this isn't a case of "BUHH! They're too hard!", but I'd like to see them re-worked so there are less tightly packed mobs, and some sort of more complicated objective that requires a bit of teamwork and coordination rather than run in and kill everything.

Who knows, might make people more inclined to read team chat and try and work with their team-mates when they get to STFs for the first time if they've had to do it before. Although that's probably wishful thinking...
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01-30-2012, 10:17 AM
Breaking the Planet and SB:24 Space are the most fun. The "Big Boring and Repetitive Dig" *could* be great, if they simply just cut everything in half. Seriously.

As for the previous poster's comment about getting respawn-slammed when dealing with the spotters, the trick is to always KEEP MOVING.
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01-30-2012, 10:39 AM
I think the big issue with things like "The Big Dig" is the score board itself. A good amount of players don't work together because they want 'first place' to get the accolade and/or best gear. Since helping others either reduces your score production or aids another in getting more points than you, there is no incentive. You see it in objectives as well; sometimes the mid objectives that are small such as destroying the mine field in the Gorn Advance, you have players waiting (not helping in the previous objective) to swoop in and take out the mines to get max points.

They really need to remove the scoreboard or change it's mechanics to help team play, like scoring on a per-team basis instead of a per-player basis.
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01-30-2012, 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by Hot-Cancer View Post
Tbh, I find most of the Fleet Actions to amount to "Attempt genocide against a race of your choosing".
superb commentary^^ all those poor orcs, romulans, stormtroopers and zerglings^^

but you're right. this is trek. not wolfenstein.

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