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I am hoping someone can offer me advice on what to do when customer service gives up on you.

I submitted a ticket over a week ago regarding my account missing my 300 and 700 day veteran reward character slots. I had not realized that I was entitled to those slots until a few weeks after my 700 day mark. When I contacted customer service about the issue, they insisted that I had already received those slots.

I then proved to them that as of July 9th 2011, after the 300 day mark but before the 700 day mark, I had five characters on my account. There are only two scenarios in which a monthly subscribed account can have 5 character slots and those two scenarios are:

1) The account has purchased two slots from the C-store but has received no veteran rewards
2) The account has received two veteran reward slots but purchased none from the C-store

Since the second scenario could not be correct, as I created my fourth and fifth characters almost 6 months prior to my 700 day reward, the first scenario must be correct.

Unfortunately, CS has no record my purchase of character slots. After almost a week of providing additional information, they gave me one character slot out of the two that I was owed, presumably in the hopes that I would leave them alone.

I continued to persist, offering screen shot evidence that I had five characters on July 9th. They ignored this evidence and "Resolved" my ticket. I re-opened another ticket pointing out that the screen shot evidence had not been acknowledged or addressed. They "Resolved" that ticket as well.

What can I do about this? My issue is unresolved, I am still missing a character slot, and apparently there is something wrong with the records of my character creation as well as the records of my C-store purchases. I can provide evidence that I am right, but CS keeps "hanging up" on me.

It's a small matter, we're talking about half of a 5 dollar purchase. I spend more than that every month on sub fees. Yet CS insists that there is nothing they can do for me. Who do I talk to when my issue is with CS?

I hope someone out there can offer me some advice or support, as I am at my wits end!


I've gone ahead and closed this thread as the other one was responded too and this was bumping off the front page. ~Askray
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