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# 1 My account...
01-29-2012, 06:25 PM
My account on STO says i am inactive... I have been playing all month! I was just playing today! Are you seriously going to charge my card for a free to play game!!! I have been playing for two years, and now it's free, but Cryptic wants to charge me!!! Go jump off a planet!!!! I hope someone addresses this, or your going to lose me, (not like you care).
I was trying to get in to launcher now, but it won't let me... Says its patching, but wont show me dl rate, or patch size or nothing. What the hell is going on??? Everything was fine with this game before F2P, and now... More glitches, Typos in mission descriptions, you took away the added slots in bank you get when you lvl. up, ( or used to get). Like giving someone extra slots when they lvl up is a big deal or something. Now we have to buy them! Really?? Arn't you going to make enough money off ships, DO's, BO's, Costumes and the like? I think you are getting a little greedy! Gimme a break!
So... These things being said... I hope these issues get resolved soon or Star Wars is going to kik STO's ***!!!! Look after your peeps!!! Don't get your heads and wallets to big off the success of STO, or it will all fall apart!!!

Frusteratingly Yours; MSavage

UPDATE: So i rebooted my p.c., which i shouldnt have to do, and the launcher is working again and i got in.
I would still like to know why my account says i am inactive, and i would like for you, Crytic, to take my Debit Card off file! If this game is F2P, you don't need it, and should respect my privacy. If i want to do other transactions at a later date, i will re-submit my CC info...
Plus... What are you going to do for your members that have been with you for a long time. I have been with you since the beginning, yet F2P seems to be punishing me by taking away alot of the things i have earned in the past year! (like my special transwarp deal i got from Breen, It's gone now on my Admiral - Z-.
Talk to me Crytic....

O.K. so I messed up on the slots deal... My Bad... I relized after accepting my promotion that my slots did expand. Sorry Crytic...
Although my other grievances are legit...
Also... ALT\TAB crashes the game now... It has happened to me twice today, where as before i could minimize STO all day!!!
Have a Good Week!
-- MSavage
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# 2
01-29-2012, 08:01 PM
I know that I went into my account and just deleted some old cc info and added new ones. So that I believe that is something that you can securely do yourself. I would hazard a guess that it says inactive not because you are not playing, but because you are no longer to be charged but you do have everything in place to change your mind with the press of a button. So this in and of itself should not be cause for concern.

Any in game perks that you earned on a character, like bank slots, should be intact. Only new characters would fall under the F2P rules. I'm unfamiliar with the Breen transwarp deal so I have no information that would be relevant. Perhaps someone else knows of this or you could open a ticket.

No subscription no perks. There is a perk matrix on this website. Keep in mind you could if you wish merely sub for one month and level a captain to VA. You would keep those leveling perks even after your month expired. Some players have posted that the c-point value of those perks plus the stipend makes it workable.

I'm here all week, try the lobster!
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# 3
01-29-2012, 08:15 PM
  1. Have you submitted a support ticket?

  2. Have you attempted to contact Live Billing Support (click)?

If not, please proceed to take those two courses of action...


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# 4
01-29-2012, 10:23 PM
My friends account says Subscription: INACTIVE in red because, he isn't paying. That is what I'm thinking. Otherwise do what Alecto said try putting in a ticket for billing.
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# 5 Thx...
01-30-2012, 06:04 PM
Hey... Thx for all the input and feedback, I really do appreciate it, and will use it. If i continue to have a problem, I will just submit a ticket, although i figured the Forums would bring some answers, which it did.
Yea... um, the Breen thing i mentioned... Its the whitish warp that appears around your ship when you use it in Sector space. Can't remember exactly where i got it, could have swore it was from one of my Breen missions.
When STO went F2P, I lost all my items that had expired in the Exchange... They were suppossed to be returned to me, but never made it to my inventory. And at last... The mail icon glitch. Gives alert that you got mail, but nothings there...
That's all I can Think of. Still love playing so... Keep 'er steady boyz!!!!
-- MSavage
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# 6
01-31-2012, 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by Vic_Rattlehead
When STO went F2P, I lost all my items that had expired in the Exchange... They were suppossed to be returned to me, but never made it to my inventory. -- MSavage
Returned 'Exchange' posts never show up in your inventory. They are returned to you in the form of Email attachments that can be claimed (by the original Poster only) at a Mail terminal in-game..

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