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# 1 Khyzon Revamp?
07-01-2014, 01:51 PM
I'm in serious need of a revamp on my Khyzon escort, for PvP duty. What was once hot stuff half a year ago is now.... not.

A little background:

Everything is in there, including DoFF arrangements, skills, equipment and traits.

What I know I need to do:

-Respec my skills (but not sure how exactly to go about it, but I do know I DON'T need ranks in stealth anymore)
-Elite fleet weapons (CritD or CritH?)
-Swap out vulnerability exploiters with vulnerability locators

What I think I need to do:

-Borg set, yay or nay?
-New warp core?
-Tweak doff arrangement.

Not quite sure what to do:
-Optimized captain skill set?
-BoFF skills revamp
-Console arrangement. More engineer consoles? Keep or ditch the Andorian consoles? What to do with sci

Would be nice:
-Toughen it up by any means
-Make it faster by any means

Can anyone help? I got the Charon and the Kumari as well, but my goal is to toughen my andorian up for pvp action.

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# 2
07-01-2014, 07:17 PM
My two EC:

I assume that you are finding yourself dying, it's probably due to all the shield bypass damage. Having a solid amount of damage resist and being able to shrug off sci spam is essential.

1. You need to keep APO at global, so run two copies or Conn Officer doffs.
2. While beam target aux is useful (perhaps if you're running a strategy with a team) I'd suggest running beam overload.
3. Drop the Assimilated shield, get a Fleet Resilient Shield Array with [Adapt] and [ResB]
4. Not sure what your critical chance is, but the general rule is to only focus on critical severity once you've hit about 20 critical chance.
5. Buy Plasmonic Leech.
6. You could use a couple reputation universal consoles, since they provide some important buffs.
7. Assimilated Console + Kinetic Cutting Beam will grant Omega Weapon Amp, which will keep your pressure DPS up.
8. Go with three Damage Control Engineers, then just two EPtX abilities. At Lt, use RSP or Aux to Dampers with doffs; blue doffs are sufficient and relatively cheap (fabrication eng and matter-antimatter)
9. Science team is a must for PvP over TSS.
10. The Energy Weapon Doff (subnuc doff) is, to my knowledge, not working.
11. Buy a blue Warp Core Engineer with the ability to remove all debuffs, seems to work just as well as my purple one.
12. Switch a couple traits to defensive rep powers if you're having issues surviving; sensor targeting assault is not that effective these days.

As you have identified, a respec is somewhat needed, but honestly your spec isn't the worst I've seen. The only glaring things I can identify are that you need some spec into inertial dampers and perhaps a little less focus on Tac and low level Eng skills.

The Andorian set isn't something I've used, so it may be worth keeping. Hopefully someone else can comment on this.

Also, begin grinding 8472 rep if you haven't already, the tier 4 Nanoprobe Generator is an excellent power. In addition, the 2pc phaser damage bonus from gear is exceptionally good. And for escorts, the Counter Command deflector and engines are good (but borg is still a good choice).
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# 3
07-09-2014, 07:21 PM
So far so good... anyone else got some suggestions? Say... for the warp core?
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# 4
07-09-2014, 09:27 PM
3 damage control doffs,keel el, 2 shield distribution doffs for brace for impact

I'd personally use the charal and jack it full of enhanced rcs consoles...but I'm addicted to turn rate.

Get the 2p counter command weapon set and deflector/engine set.

Reworked your skills to a more appropriate pvp fit

Phaser dispersal console is one hell of a punch...followed behind a bo...damn

Changed your tactical to the only real choice (crit consoles)

You don't want aren't hitting like a truck when your dead...epte/epts is the only way to go in pvp dps

Space traits a's all about staying alive. if you can make your team healers job a bit it

Omega is your life line, you don't have enough doff slots to fight on attack pattern doffs so double up omega

Cheers, fire off any questions if you have em
Chive on and prosper, eh?

My PvE/PvP hybrid skill tree
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# 5
07-16-2014, 08:28 PM
My question to you...

1). Why resilient over covariant? Wouldn't the glass cannon be at a disadvantage if it was using resilient?

2). Counter Command gear is an odd choice. What makes you recommend it?

3). How would you deal with the huge power drain associated with using beam array overload, especially since you've got cannons using cannon rapid fire? I found in the past that it too way too much power and for brief periods of time my ship was pretty much impotent.

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