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# 1 Crafted EH DOFF BUG
01-31-2012, 01:51 PM
You hit I then Macro for Replicator to make a Trade good or Consumable
and have a Photonic officer DOFF type appear in window with a price.. you hit its image and then
Replicate macro

Then this

Did you see a Bug with Replicating an EMh?

When you rank in Tier> you may create a Common one of a Category EH type
but we you hit the replicator button to make consumables and the Same EMH//EH officer pops up again

Then you get a message in popup yellow text saying "you can only have one Unique Item"

So now two of my Toons can no longer use their Replicator cause this same option pops up and cant be used...

DOFF Roster had available positions
I see the officer EH listed in REserve list

So was this intended as 1 per category or one per Character?

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