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I am currently using the Honor Guard Shield XI + 3 parts Borg Set.
It seems this is going to stay Klingon State of the Art for a while but I nevertheless want to get the full set and give it a try.

Due to the Torpedo damage bonus of the set I decided to go with three 20% -5s Torpedo recharge DOffs and HYT skills but I still need some more EDC or luck to get the other parts and wonder...

... a -5s reduced recharge Photons would make Photons fire after the 1s global Torpedo cooldown and give in general more chances to trigger than the slower reloading (6s vs 8s) Quantums. I got quite used to Quantums and now wonder if I should switch to Photons, at least for this set in this DOff combo.
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01-31-2012, 07:56 PM
don't use photon's with any set. I never see them as effective as just about anything else
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02-01-2012, 12:01 PM
For STF's anyway..

I use two fore torpedoes, since most of the time you are pounding on borg machines without shields. And only 1 Purple Projectile specialist doff.

I generally am firing them off every 2-3 seconds. Works well for me.

Oh and they are Photon Torpedoes! Doesnt Quantum fire slower anyway? Good for PvP probably.
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02-05-2012, 07:21 PM
I change up my torpedo based on what abilities I'm using. I like to use plasma torpedoes with spread, but not high yield. I like quantums for high yield. I use photon torpedoes on my sci ship that uses a lot of shockwave damage that gets a boost from the photonic det consoles.

So for your HYT quantum sounds lovely.
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02-06-2012, 10:56 AM
The real question is how many of those torpedoes are you going to enhance with BOff abilities...

Photons have undeniably the largest dps, it is clearly stated in the tooltip. The stats are quite clear on this. That is becaues they have a very high rate of fire, of course. If you are firing 'vanilla' torps then always go for photons.

Now with other torps that is not the case. The longer the CD the greater the impact of applying an ability HYT particularly. These torps have much higher 'spike' damage but a corresponding reduction in DPS. This makes them much more useful in PvP due to the ability to deliver this spike damage but in PVE that does not matter. Especially in STFs on account of the massive HP scores of the mobs.

If you are planning to fire an awful lot of torps by mounting additional tubes and pimping the RoF with DOffs all these numbers change, but I strongly suspect you are still way better off with Photons. SO very very few of these torps are going to be 'unmodifed' by BOff abilities - the result is generally a significantly lower DPS.

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