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In a different thread, we got this update from h2orat:

Assets will be part of the update. In fact it would be good to start of a new list of what assets you guys want to see.
So here goes. Let's make a master list of asset requests.

Clarification: From my perspective, an "asset" is a prop, something that can be placed in the foundry. A feature is more like a system-type ability to do something that the tools don't let us do.
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01-31-2012, 02:28 PM
Asset Feature Requests:

1. The ability to turn off icons, which make building very frustrating. The object icons often hide items below them.

2. All building blocks, generic platforms and walls could be moved to a category of "primitives." There should be one building block etc of each size and shape, with a drop down costume/texture menu. In that menu, we could have 50 seamless textures to choose from.

The ability to scale these primitives would be amazing, but I'm not sure if the tech is there.

Additional "primitives"

1. A curved corner that connects two generic walls.
2. Steps (a smallish set of 5 steps that could be used for a small platform, or used many times to climb a pyramid)
3. Curved walls

Big Request: Corridor "Legos"

At the min., if you disassembled the existing ship interiors and other maps into pieces that we could reassemble to create unique interiors, designed corridors, unique paths to sickbays, etc., it would greatly improve set building. Basically, these would be tunnel pieces that fit together, using corners, etc.

Must haves: Transporter room, sickbay, mess hall, engineering, and a turbolift that fits well with the new legos. These should come with doors that open, so that we can attach them to corridors that we piece together as legos.

Wish list for Legos: Fed, Klingon, TOS and Caves.

Two Piece Sets

A brig set (brig and forceflied door, turned off and on using triggers)
Duplicate lights (one on, one off) turned on and off using triggers.
A camp fire and other fire props (1 piece as the wood, barrel, or firepit, and the second piece is the fire that can be turned on and off using triggers).
More stuff like this, where triggers and assets work together.

Individual Requests

(if not included with legos):

Transporter pad
Map with a Sickbay

General requests:

A platform to use for fed, klingon, etc., floors and ceilings.
Cave walls that fit together with no texture overlap, along with cave floors and ceilings.
A flat exterior map of carpet, with lighting appropriate for interior set buildings.
Windows that are simple and easy to use.
A horizontal forcefield that isn't broken.
More fire props besides the Klingon one.
More food related items, and other "nice touch" details, like books, little figurines, etc.
More items like the rock platforms, which can be fit together to make things like Ziggurats, bridges, etc.
Larger variety of Fed and other faction walls.
Klingon and other wall doors that open.
A Bajoran orb to go with the orb-like fx.
A generic throne that works with an existing a npc sit animation, along with other chairs that work with sit animations.
Small things that can be taken (using triggers): phasers, communicators, tricorders, med kit, hypos, data pads, etc.
A captain's chair to use with captain's chair platform.
More generic "premodern" props, for use on ancient planets, includes things like the greek temple pieces from the gateway ground map.
Historical stuff: (basically anything you can take from CO or NW that would pass as historical)

more to come...
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01-31-2012, 03:14 PM
I request--

1.) Funeral Torpedoes like the ones in the F2p launch trailer

2.) The Sovereign pack bridges such as Zimmerman and one used in the new tutorial is great

3.) an option to trigger an ambient Red Alert klaxon for ship interiors

4.) Jupiter uniforms (BIG on my list)

5.) Aegis/Borg skins for Npc ships

6.) A baby wrapped in a blanket object (Heh i had a baby delivered in recent mission would be nicer if a baby asset there)

7.) Omega/Maco armor for Npc's and maybe pre made troops that hold the new rifles?

8.) Sword wielding Npc's that can be customized to wear costumes we make(maybe spear wielders as well, for "primitive" aliens )

9.) A landed Bird Of Prey like Doomsday remastered and Defera Invasion-ground has-that would ROCK.

10.) Ability to make important Npc's invulnerable

11.) A way to Make make npc's join players and walk with them and fight (example the Cloaked intentions mission where you rescue some Romulan prisoners and they join you )

12.) The option to choose the weapons of npc ships

13.) The ab ility to let players temporarily command another type of ship like in Doomsday remastered--but with any ship type.
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01-31-2012, 03:15 PM
I want more variety for KDF assets. More computers, consoles, tables, plates of food (gagh). Viewscreens, big ones, little ones, some in between. Carpets, rugs, or other decorative pieces that could be used to hide seams. More variety for potted plants. Even some of the plants on SFA would be cool additons. Sofas, chairs. More selections for stautes (big and small). Horg'ans anyone? More destroyed vessels (debris) on the ground. More shuttles for the ground. In space, I want more satellites, maybe more pieces to build arrays and stations (legos).

I would also like to see asset packs in the future that are also period specific, like 20th century asset pack with a juke box, television, ect... I would also like to include as asset packs for tos era (with walls, computers, and all of the goodies that will help us build missions in that time frame). The same could be done for enterprise, TNG/DS9/Voyager as well.
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01-31-2012, 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by soriedem View Post

I would also like to see asset packs in the future that are also period specific, like 20th century asset pack with a juke box, television, ect...
This would be awesome. I can imagine what we could do with some of the champs and NW stuff. Sherwood Forest with a Q. A Beowolf tale, as seen on VOY.

Historical Stuff would be amazing.
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01-31-2012, 03:32 PM
More customisation for Contacts,
If I want to have a player talk to a Romulan that's due to make another appearance where something has happened to him - ie scarring and such, I can't do it without remaking a Romulan as a fed alien which means I lose the Romulan uniform

Clearer Pictures of Objects
When I place say a borg block, thinking its just two large blocks next to each other, and then later find out on the map itself that there is an arch on said piece which I was using to block off an area is a tat annoying

In Foundry Examples of the Animation
Because a description can only tell you so much before you view map, find out its the wrong kind of animation and then spend the next 10 minutes looking for a more accurate one

More Starfleet interior parts
Pretty self explanatory

Flat Maps for Custom interiors
For those of us who can't fiddle around with the foundation blocks and the Y axis to make a base floor for the interior we would like

Making it easier to make things vanish
For instances when you want a contact ship to explode once triggered

I'll edit this post if I think of any more
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01-31-2012, 05:14 PM
Ah yes reminders of other thoughts-I will edit my first post and just add to it this will serve to bump I guess.
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01-31-2012, 06:15 PM
I would like to see?

1. Ability to create canon characters and STO characters to interact with.
2. More ships, like the ones we see in-game.
3. As someone at PrimeTimeUGC requested; the ability to create our maps in 3D. (would be nice to get a clearer image too for object placement)
4. More clothing options, like Section 31 and many others.
5. Mix-and-match ship parts to create unusual ships (for example, placing a Galaxy-X third pylon on an Intrepid with an Intrepid nacelle and even mix-and-matching other faction items).
6. Better assets for visualising wormhole and transwarp hub travel.
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# 9
01-31-2012, 06:55 PM
y axis manipulation
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01-31-2012, 07:35 PM
The "Old" (when the game was first released) Earth Space Dock available as a satellite would be really neat!

A wall, similar to the one with a non-functional door, but lacking said door.

Space-based Tricobalt Torpedo Turrets

A few of the Starship Interior maps added to the available "Interior" maps in the Foundry.

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