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01-31-2012, 10:09 PM
1. Ability to create canon characters and STO characters to interact with.

LOL That's not an asset, and it's a WHOLE separate subject and it won't happen. Do not hold your breath not to be negative, there are many legal reasons why.
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01-31-2012, 10:13 PM
A few things I'd like to see...

More anomalies, such as the exteriors of temporal rifts, wormholes, etc.

All the unis from the c-store

More, and varied interior/ground maps

Romulan costume parts...and also the ability to put costume parts on any species (i.e. Klingon costume parts on, say, a Bolian)

The ability to flag friendly combat NPCs as untargetable and/or unkillable

The ability to have NPCs actually exit a map with an effect via a trigger. For example, I interact with console A, NPC B beams out with Transporter effect C. Another example, I go through dialogue A, NPC ship B leaves map with warp-out effect C

Have a friendly NPC turn to enemy via a trigger (dialogue prompt or interacting with another object

Branching missions...I decide to complete one objective or a different dialogue, mission takes a different path (Oh the possibilities!)
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02-01-2012, 08:16 AM
100% flat map
100% water filled map
'Space' map. A flat ground map with starfield textures on all walls.

Triggerable Reach markers
"Complete ONE" type storyboard branch

Global triggers. So a trigger on map 1 can have an effect on map 4.

Global counter style "variables" and triggers based on those values.
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02-01-2012, 07:17 PM
Some of these I've put in other posts, but it seems appropriate to put them here.

1. Like to have a 'Combat Status' setting for NPC opponents, ships and people. Would allow you to have the NPC a. Fight normally b. Become disabled / subdued c. able to fight but not move, d. move but not fight, e. unable to move / fight (defenseless).

2. Space weapons platforms you can engage and will engage you. Not sure if they are available for the ground.

3. The ability to take multiple items and 'group' them together to form a single item, which you can then copy and paste. Like grouping / ungrouping items in PowerPoint. And perhaps save that item to your own special library if you want.

4. Ship debris you can put on ground maps, that includes crashed ships or parts thereof. To go along with that, interior maps of ships covered with webs, dust, plant growth, broken screens and consoles. Some obviously old corpses, skeletal remains in rags, etc, would be nice too.

5. For ground / interior maps, various kinds of animals. Some would be just for show, little critters that scurry by, a few birds, snakes. Others you can engage, and some big ones that will engage you. It would be interesting to be in the middle of a fight with some enemy when all of a sudden a large beast or two shows up to take advantage of the free food.

Aggressive plants would be nice too. Like a giant venus flytrap or vines that snag you or one of your away team members in a jungle setting.

6. Quicksand / bogs for ground maps as traps.

7. For interiors, need ship interior layouts. Need walls that match ship interiors. And matching doors that open and close. Only doors that open/close are Federation-looking doors. Actually, considering all the different ships available, it would probably be better to separate 'Interior' into two categories: Ship and Building.

Making interior maps modular, in that you can piece them together to form one big map, would be extremely helpful and probably much easier than, for example, trying to provide multiple maps for multiple ship types. To use Klingons for example, you'd have a small, medium, large bridge and engine room. Three or four generic passageays, generic rooms, a sick bay, brig, galley, cargo hold. Want a bigger sickbay? Just add them together. Then a variety of walls, ceilings, doors (with some that open/close) and you should be able to make just about anything Klingon.

8. A package designed for underwater missions. Hey, why not? Would have 'ground' maps where you could put underwater mining facilities, colonies, etc. Costumes would include dive suits. Interior maps would have windows with occasional fish or swaying strand of kelp. And of course the ability to flood. A floor of 'water' you could set to various depths, and details such as leaking pipes, water pouring through windows, bulkhead holes, etc. I know 'underwater' and Star Trek don't really go together, but its possible. Capt Kirk vs Admiral Nelson : )

I'll add more as I think of them.
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02-01-2012, 07:52 PM
Originally Posted by Rosvik

3. The ability to take multiple items and 'group' them together to form a single item, which you can then copy and paste. Like grouping / ungrouping items in PowerPoint. And perhaps save that item to your own special library if you want.

I like this request. The ability to "parent" an item to another item would also be a godsend for asset sharing. EX: When one author builds a transporter, with all components parented to a central piece, then we could rotate the whole thing by rotating that one piece.
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02-01-2012, 08:09 PM
  • For dialogs the ability to Choose Player Skin, for Mirror/Transporter/Clone/Doppleganger what have you.

    For NPC map costumes the same ability, but also applied to player ship skin.

    Ability to select the "Open Book" contact used in cryptic missions to represent reading or observing something.

    Ability to set state from visible to invisible for contacts. (I figure this one goes without saying but... just covering my basics)

    Update to ship bridge maps in the foundry to the currently implemented and bug fixed ones. (Floating above the floors, odd invisible walls, etc.)

    Ability to set up an enemy to be "Disabled"

    A reskinable enemy that does not attack, but simply explodes when HP is brought down.

Wish list: (AKA the ones I would like but have an odd feeling about the mechanics involved with implementation.)
  • An effects "timer". After object appears there is a timer until FX, object, or group appears.

    A dialog costume to select a players appointed department heads chosen via the doff system. Medical officer defaults to the chief medical officer chosen, rather than simply the highest ranked science officer. Since I know the department head system is still under construction and may not involve BOFFS in it's final incarnation I know this one is really wishy, but I wanted to put it out there.
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02-01-2012, 09:42 PM
We need light objects that actually cast light.

We need walls that match the door walls.

Those are just two things off the top of my head.
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02-01-2012, 10:09 PM
I've noticed that an awful lot of interior maps in this game (and in Champions Online) follow the same routine: room, corridor, room, corridor, room. There may be more than three rooms, but there's always a corridor leading from each room to the next, even if there's no reason for that corridor.

There are some notable exceptions in this game, such as DS9, Earth Spacedock, and Memory Alpha. But let's have some more. I don't yet know this game well enough to point out good ones to add, but over in CO there are places like the MC Jail, City Hall, and WCOC; the maps for Nemesis Missions such as Bunker Buster, Deathray Demolition, and Nemesis Confrontation; and Plummet's Cave on Monster Island. Reskin and transport these (a couple of them might not even need much reskinning) and I think you might have something.

Not that the "forced-march" layout is necessarily bad; it does seem quite logical for caves. For laboratories, military bases, and similar structures, not so much.

Also, someone mentioned dinosaurs; I think it would be fantastic to have a few basic, familiar dinos for holodedk adventures. And while we're at it, maybe we can see some Voth as well.

I'd suggest other animals from Memory Alpha, but my computer's freezing periodically this evening, so for now I'll just say lions, and tigers, and bears. We could also use any other animals, particularly extraterrestrial ones, that are large and could take an entire Away Team to handle. Maybe I'll be able to bring up more specifics later.

You might also consider a package of historical figures that one might meet on a holodeck, on a time-travel adventure, or when impersonated by a Changeling or Undine. This would have to be limited to people who do not still have an active estate, but whose appearance is documented: Leonardo, Ambrose Bearce, Abraham Lincoln, Wyatt Earp, Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin, H. G. Wells, Jules Verne... one could even throw in Robert April, since he's only appeared in TOS. (I, for one, wouldn't object to this being something available through the C-Store.)
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02-02-2012, 12:38 PM
Modular design elements for interiors. You have a standard sized wall, whihc lets you then place, rotate and design your own layouts for interiors.
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02-02-2012, 02:51 PM
The ability to add water (pond, lake) to a ground map. Also, mud, swamp, etc.

Be able to make your own enemy groups from "alien" skins. In other words, take a generic alien and use it as the basis for a new enemy group for your mission. The first idea that comes to mind is a race of Yeti for an ice map.

I also want to be able to make customized Romulan (and other) contacts for missions, rather than just copy and paste the generic ones available.

Kirkfat's idea about making foundation floors/walls/ceilings "skin-able" with a wide variety of looks and textures rather than the 4 choices we have today.

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