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To do the following:

-Allow access to Duty Officer assignments functionality, away from the desktop.

-Act as a touchscreen interface for elements of the HUD, specifically the speed/shields/weapons/skills bars.
The way this would work is the servers would record your local IP address (as in, the IP address that would allow any device on the same network as your PC to connect to it without going through the internet)
The Android device would get that IP from the server when you hit Connect, then connect to a simple Telnet/HTTP server embedded in your client. It would request data on your HUD, as well as the picture resources in a common (PNG/BMP/GIF) format. When you touch elements on the screen, it sends the telnet command to execute the equivalent function that would've been on it's HUD (ie: A9 for the Alt+9 skill) It would also have a copy of the master skill list so you could edit the skill panel on the fly. The top of the screen would also have a copy of the experience bar. Since the client would act as a server for the device, it would use almost no bandwidth of Cryptic's servers.
If the telnet server could handle it, it's also be nice if I could include map functionality

Now I'm only suggesting what I know to be possible, and to confirm that I'd be willing to make the Android app myself. I'd need to work with Cryptic's developers on the Telnet server, but I'd be doing most of the work. I have experience with Android development, the LCARS GUI, and database development. I'm willing to sign necessary documents, and charge/give Cryptic whatever percentage of the profits they want.

I have sent a similar request to Cryptic's business email and have yet to receive a reply. I'm hoping contacting the developers in a more direct fashion will warrant a reply.
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# 2 STO Android app
02-12-2012, 12:45 PM
I would like to see an android app for STO. I would even pay $ for it. lets keep it reasonable like $1 to $5

It would be great to do offline personal and fleet stuff.

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