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For one reason and one reason only.
The transwarp drive which it claimed would carry over to the next vessels I use as an item (transwarp coil)
I didn't want that ship, I actually wanted a Nebula class ship. I wanted the drive to save time.
The ship was actually useless, I only got to use it for a few days before I got to the next rank and got a new ship.

My blog entry of the purchase as dated proof

Only to learn the transwarp coil did not grant transwarp abilities. Why call it transwarp if it doesn't do anything transwarp? I argue this is deliberate misrepresentation.

I paid $12.50 for 1000 pts for an 800 pt starship I only got to use for a few days, and a transwarp drive I only got 4 uses out of.

This was the first time I EVER purchased a virtual item, and it has left an extremely sour taste in my mouth. It is unlikely I'd ever buy another item because of it.

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