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(I'm not sure if this should go here or in the missions section, but since it is a costume thing I figured here would be best first. If I'm wrong go ahead and move it.)

So, I noticed a patch back that in "The Cure (Space)" the IKS Kang got itself a new look. It used to be a Negh'Var but is now a new design (Which I honestly don't recognize, but I think it looks pretty cool.) It sparked a few questions for me.

1: What is the IKS Kang supposed to be ship wise? This is obviously fueled by the fact that I don't recognize the new ship type (die hard klingon faction players don't skin me for that) but also from reading the Path to 2409 (or whatever year it is). Ja'rod killed the captain and assumed command of the Kang, since then has the name followed him? Is actually a few ships that have held the name and this new one is just next down the line?

2: Did the reskinning of the Kang in the Cure also happen to all the other missions where the ship is involved? I'm not positive but if I recall it shows up twice before then; once in "Saturday's Child" and a second time in "The Tribble with Klingons". Both those times it was a Vor'cha, then scaled up to a Negh'Var for cure? I haven't checked but did this re-skin effect those mission too? Was it supposed to?

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