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Lt. Commander
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# 31
02-14-2012, 11:50 PM
Have been running these setups since the ship launched.

Odyssey Star Cruiser “DPS” (All Captains)
Tac LtC: TT1, APB1, APB2
Tac Lt: FAW1, FAW2
Eng Cmdr: EptW1, AxID1, EptS3, AxSIF3 (for Sci/Tac if you can’t get EptS3 then switch it with AxID)
Sci Lt: HE1, TSS2
Sci Ens: HE1
Your New Heavy Assault Cruiser for Normal STF's. 2x FAW demands 2x Hazard Emitters as you are a magnet for shield strippers and you do not have an Eng LtC to back you up. AxID is critical in increasing your turn rate (and overall flight speed) to workable levels. A good Tac captain can deal fearsome amounts of damage and still have a moderate tank (much more resilient and seems to deal only moderately less damage than my MVAE). Cannot speak for Elite STF's.

Odyssey Star Cruiser “Support” (For Engineers)
Tac Lt: TT1, APB1
Eng Cmdr: EptW1, EptS2, ET3, ES3
Sci LtC: HE1, TSS2, GW1
Sci Lt: HE1, TSS2
Sci Ens: TB1
Again, built for Normal STF's. A Heavy Healer/CC Cruiser that is more capable than my Nebula Retro (Eng). I play around with the Sci slots on this build, but Tac and Eng slots are solid for Eng Captains.

Active DOffs: (Pretty much mandatory for the above setups unless you want a paper tank)
2 Green Maintenance Engineers
3 Green Damage Control Engineers

Mk XI MACO Shield and Deflector (your choice of Engine)
Weapons: 8x Mk XI Borg Phaser/Antiproton Beam Arrays
Devices: Scorpion Fighters, Engine Batteries, Field Modulator, Aux Batteries

Eng: 2x Neutronium, Point Defense, EPS
Sci: Antimatter Spread, Field Gen, Assimilated
Tac: 2x Phaser/Antiproton Consoles

I actually recommend avoiding torpedoes on this ship. EptW + APB + FAW + Space Whale will make that 8th beam array deal more applied damage over time than any torp (even at 60-70 weapon power). The above builds are not intended for PVP.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 32
02-15-2012, 07:04 AM
Science Captain

Command Eng - engineer team, power to weapons, rev shield polarity, boarding party
Lt Commander Eng - Power to shield, power to weapons, rev shield polarity,
Lt Tactical - Torpedo Spread, Overload Beam
Lt Science - transfer shield, hazard emitter
Ensign Science - Science team

Tactical Console: Antiproton Mag Regulator Mk XI
Tactical Console: Antiproton Mag Regulator Mk XI

Science Console: Shield Regen
Science Console: Shield Emitter
Science Console: Assimilated Module

Engineering Console: EPS Flow Regulator Mk XI
Engineering Console: RSC Mk XI
Engineering Console: Neutronium Armor Mk XI
Engineering Console: Neutronium Armor Mk XI

Forward 3x Antiproton Beams Mk XI 1x Quantum Torpedos Mk XI
Aft 4x Antiproton Beams Mk XI

Shield: Maco Mk XI
Deflector: Borg
Engines: Borg

Works pretty well for PVE. Don't do PVP.
Lt. Commander
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# 33
02-15-2012, 07:45 AM
My build:
Fore: Phaser bank MkXII [borg][acc][critH]
Phaser bank Mk XII [borg][acc][critH]
Phaser bank MkXII [borg][acc][critH]
Photon Torpedo Mk XII [borg][acc][critH]

aft: Phaser bank Mk XI [borg][acc][critH]
Phaser bank Mk XI [borg][acc][critH]
Phaser bank Mk XI [borg][acc][critH]
Photon Torpedo Mk XI [borg][acc][critH]

Omega Force set (will change to MACO in 37 STF runs)

Tactical consoles: Phaser relays Mk XI x 2
Engineering consoles: Plasma Distribution Manifold Mk XI x 3 RCS Mk XI
Sci consoles: Shield Emitter Mk XII Particle Generator Mk XI Inertial dampeners Mk XI

Crew powers:

Sci (Lt. C) TB I, HE II, ST III
Sci (lt): PH I, PO II
Sci: TSS I

Item:Subspace Field Modulator
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 34
02-15-2012, 01:02 PM
I am a tactical officer and love cruisers, changed my star cruiser for the odyssey and never looked back, I can dish out more damage, take more damage and it looks better hehe. My fit is:

3x Disruptor bank Mk12 [borg] (3x Disruptor plasma hybrid banks in non elite STF's they have a massive accuracy boost)
1x cluster torp

3x Disruptor bank Mk12 [borg]
1x Plasma mines Mk12 [borg]

MACO shield Mk12
MACO Deflector Mk12
Borg engines

Tac: 2x Disruptor relays Mk11
Eng: 1x Neutronium Mk11, 2x Plasma distribution manifold Mk11, 1x Field Emitter Mk11
Sci: 1x Borg console, 1x Shield Emitter Mk11, 1x Universal point defense console (ripped from my Thunderchild it's stupidly useful and against things smaller than a cube it can dish out a lot of damage in it's brief 10 second window, a life saver)


Tac: BFaW1, BO2
Tac: TT1, DPA1, APO1
Eng: EPtW1, EPtW2, RSP2, RSP3
sci: HE1, ST2
sci: PH1

Also a load of batteries for shield and weapons

With my tactical skills such as Attack Pattern Alpha 3 and the other ones I can keep my DPS around 5000-8000 and with the tactical team and reverse shield polarity skills I can keep my shields relatively alive, Brace for impact also keeps me a live a lot longer I can play through KA and Infected elite without dying and doing significant damage (obviously I die sometimes those sometimes they go crazy with those torps)

In my fleet I have ran 1v1's with many of our members flying other cruisers and a few escorts I either get locked in a stale mate with some other cruisers piloted by engineers and built to tank, often bashing them down to 20% hull before eventually they get it back up again but they never do enough damage to even hit my hull significantly. Other they die, tactical escorts failed a few times as well but we usually get quite close marks at the end of the matches the worst I did was against a good VA defiant pilot and it ended at 9-15 to him so not bad.

Either way I love my current fit and it's taken a while to get it right it wasn't easy but well worth it and I disagree with the flying coffin opinion, with the right skills and using them at the right time you can last a while even up against them nasty tac cubes on elite.

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