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02-02-2012, 05:47 PM
Before I put pen to Spreadsheet has anyone seen or put to together, something like the Player Skills Planner over at the academy but for BO's. This would allow you to layout the skills and training which would coordinate with the ship type and console ranks. For example I have 3 eng BO's to assign to 3 consoles of ensign to commander rank and I to need decide what would be the most efficient assignment with the least training. I think with BO's piling up like leafs now with the DO system ( just got to RA and I have 8 commissioned BO's several blues and greens and 4 non-commissioned Purples thanks to DoffJobs) it would be more beneifical than it would have been in the past when BO's where much rarer. I could see being helpful those playing with multiple ships

Any of your valuable input as to examples of this concept or what would be things you would want to see in this kind of app will be appreciated.

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