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Captain Akoms Log.
Akom in short for Another Kind of Monster, and here in STO, I am a Vulcan Captain.
Well I've not risen further than Liutenant yet, but I'm getting there.

I'm blogging about my adventures on my own page, and the blog is in character.
(am I allowed to link to my site here?)

I'm trying to make it exiting to read, and now that it's on steam as well it's easy to put screenshots to the page.
I would like to get some feedback on the stories, and with that develop both the character and the way I write about him.
Hopefully I could coax some of you to give it a read or two and hit me up with some feedback here and/or on the blog.

(I didn't figure out how to put the picturen into this thread...)

Latest entry in the blog:
Finally, with the help from some records of old photography I have managed to repair an old twenty-first century camera. So I have ordered Davids, one of the young ensigns on the ship to follow me around and document as much as possible. He is an excellent shuttle-pilot so I let him practice his flying to document the exterior of the Vaugan. But I digress.

We are en route to Beta Equulei 221-PH,
This is an uncharted planet in the Delta Volunis sector, and we have been asked to map it and scan for advanced civilizations.
We entered orbit and scanned the surface where we discovered that there were severe radiation readings coming from the planet.

There were a pre-warp civilization living on the planet, and our scans showed that they were suffering from systemic radiation poisoning. Further scans showed that the radiation was comming from ancient artifacts of alien origin.
This means that the Prime Directive does not apply, and I took a small away-team to see what we could do with the situation.

We beamed down to the surface and scanned the artifact and quickly discovered that the energy-circuits were leaking, causing the artifacts to amplify the natural radiation in the area. The engeneering officer examined the situation and was able to reroute the energy, and we could see that the radiation-levels dropped.
Some searching in the close area helped us find the remaining four artifacts and let us do the same operation on those. I ordered a new scan from orbit and it showed that the radiation now was well below any harmful levels.

Not wanting to press our luck of not being discovered we beamed back up to the ship and reported our findings back to Starfleet.
Davids had also used the downtime for some practicing and gave us this beautiful shot of the Vaugan.
This was worth the rest of the day off for him, and it earned this spot in the closing of the log.

With that we set the course out of the system, and onto new adventures whatever they may bring us.

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