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I am trying to decide between the following:

Eng - Escort (same set up as an eng - defiant R), eng would add some survivability to the escorts dps

Tac - BoP, more dog fighting (the military jet vs jet definition) style (on the fed defiants in the pi canos missions, i took one out with one barrage before my shields were up from decloaking, before I jammed their their communications)

Tac - Bortas, Tac initiative helps to use the BOFFs skills more often, will more then likely make a beam boat and broadside (based on the "dragon odyssey" thread suggestion)

My experience is on the escort (fed VA), and i know the BoP has varsatillity, but I would have to keep moving since I am a bit squishier.

I have two klinks, a lvl 26 eng, and 23 tac. What I really need is someone who's played the Bortas for awile, and if that ship can put out decent dps.
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# 2
02-03-2012, 06:17 PM
Oh, i mainly pve, and will do normal stfs, i might do some pvp if i get bored
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02-04-2012, 01:01 PM
Tac: imho, pvp or pve, the BOP (or if just PVE, then escort).

Don't PVE with anything other than a DPS ship. There is no reason (imho)
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02-04-2012, 01:36 PM
One of the great things about the STF missions is that there really aren't a lot of surprises being tossed at you by the game. Someone added up all the random events and spawns that occur in the three space STF's and they arrived at a figure of zero. Plus or minus zero. Everything is comfortably where it was the last time, everything spawns in very predictable fashion just as it did the time before and that's just fine by me.

It is fine by me because it allows me to play a Bortas with an aoe cannon and torpedo set up very effectively. It's very easy to know where you need to be so its not very difficult to direct the pointy end of your ship at the spot where the bad guys will appear. Keep in mind that most players were using their tactical ships more as mobile artillery than as actual gunships. Fly, park, shoot, repeat. With no incentive to keep moving and every incentive to keep damage output high by parking and shooting tacs became space turrets. The day when attack patterns and maneuvers become tied to actually moving will be a great day.

So sure I fly one of my Bortas now with Torpedo Spread One and Two and Cannon Scatter Volley One and Two. Toss in a tactical team for its great shield distribution and you're good to go. All plasma dual heavies, turrets, and a torpedo plus vent plasma ensures a delightful display of hull meltage. I'm having good luck on my second boat using beams instead of cannons. Swap in Fire at Will One and Two. For normal runs its okay so far.

Cheers and happy flying.
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02-04-2012, 07:38 PM
TY for the replies. I am going tac - BoP (i like the Dog fighting feel to it, and the in battle cloaking to recover for the next strafing run). I am going to go with the bortas (maybe in one of the FAs to start for the feel of it) as a beam boat. Has anyone (other the the previously mentioned "dragon oddesy" build) figured out a good build for the Bortas as a beam boat? I am still researching it.

Also, is there a point at end game for the skill driver coil, i know it helps re-balance your power settings after dropping out of full impulse.

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