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On behalf of all STO players who have asked themselves "where do I find a Doff trade partner?" I would like to introduce to the STO community, a new chat channel that everyone is invited to...DOFFtrader.

DOFFtrader has been created for players to locate each other, and put them in communication with others who wish to buy, sell, or trade DOFFS.

To join the channel, simply go the Chat UI, type in "DOFFtrader" and press "join".

This new channel is the perfect place to buy, sell, or trade your DOFFS as you begin the quest to build the perfect roster. Let fellow players know what DOFFS you have available or possibly seek out a particular DOFF to compliment your own crew.

Have any questions? Feel free to post them or contact me @USS_Merriman. The channel is "brand new", so please be sure to tell your friends and have them join.


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