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# 11 Intruder Alert - Part 3
02-16-2012, 01:56 PM
Computer. Resume recording from last position.

I’ve just returned from visiting Soriedem in Sick Bay. The doctor reported that he had no idea how this happened to Sori; let alone how to reverse it. However, he did confirm that his brain patterns matched those of my lifemate, with the exception of those belonging to his t’O.

When the tiny creature that binds all Tobarri together was mentioned, Sori crumbled emotionally. He wept openly at the loss of his lifelong companion. I couldn’t imagine being without my t’O; its familiar moods; its twinges of emotion; its connection with all Tobarri, past and present; our history and collective knowledge; our hope for the future. I tried to comfort him, but there wasn’t anything I could say or do to help him through this. I simply looked into those alien eyes of his, laid my hand tenderly on his arm, and nodded reassuringly. I needed to fix this. I left him in sick bay to rest.

Back in my quarters, I prompted my t’O to reestablish communication with Sori’s body. His t’O was still frightened and angry and fighting the alien consciousness that controlled the body it shared. However, once I shared with it the news that Soriedem was with me and we were coming to rescue it, it settled down a bit. Through flashes of memory, colors of emotion, and glimpses of metaphor; we communicated. I will try to explain our communication in terms that non-Tobarri will understand.

Our first question was whether the alien was aware of its presence. It replied that the thief suspected something was wrong, but didn’t know specifically what was happening. Next, we asked if it had access to the alien’s mind. It said that it could implant suggestions, but it had little success with anything more than basic responses. It could, however, monitor their experiences and report them back to us. As proof of its ability, Sori’s t’O shared with us its current orders and position. We had a starting point.

Then, we asked it, the most important question of all. Was the alien presence able to access the t’Os network? It didn’t respond. We repeated our question. Reluctantly, it replied that the bodysnatching bandit could indeed access the t’Os network, but it hasn’t realized that it’s even there yet. If it were to discover the t’O and our network, it’s conceivable that it could transfer itself from Sori to any Tobarri in the galaxy. This was a dangerously horrifying prospect. We needed to restore Sori to his body before that could happen.

Finally, we told it to hold out, to fight the consciousness for as long as it can, to provide it with misinformation if that fails, to do whatever it could to keep it isolated to Sori’s body until we can arrive. It agreed to fight, but it didn’t know for how long. We reassured it that we were on our way. The t’O disengaged its connection but promised to let us know if its status changed.

My next task was to inform the other Tobarri of this potential threat. Although they objected to the extreme measures we proposed, they eventually acquiesced and agreed to desist from using their t’Os for the foreseeable future. However, this was only a temporary solution. They could not be expected to resist using their t’Os connection for very long. We were given a few hours to solve the problem. It wasn’t enough time, but it would have to do. We disengaged our connection.

We’re due to arrive to Deep Space Seven shortly. I’ve got to get to the bridge with our new course and heading.

Computer. Pause Recording.

> - - <

Computer. Continue Recording.

Before heading back to the bridge, I stopped by sick bay to check on Sori. He was sitting up in the bio-bed. I asked him how he was doing. He was feeling better, more in control he replied through heavy breaths. Sori had a lot of bad habits, but the mouth breathing that was required by his new form was maddening. I doubted my ability to tolerate it for very long. If there wasn’t enough reason already to get my lifemate back into his former form, the mouth breathing was the most motivating reason of them all.

I informed him of our current course of action and asked if he wanted to join me on the bridge. Eager to get out of sickbay, he agreed and sprang from the bio-bed. He approached me and took my hand as he liked to do from time to time. I, once again, became aware of the differences in our heights. I’m ashamed to admit that I suddenly felt very conscious of everyone’s eyes on us. I ordered them back to work as Sori and I left sick bay.

Back on the bridge, I took the center chair, while my first officer gladly offered Soriedem the seat next to me. Sori jumped into the large chair; his feet dangled inches off the ground as he swung them back and forth as a child would. I got the distinct feeling that Sori was somehow enjoying the experience; making lemonade as the humans like to say.

“We’ve reached the coordinates you specified, Captain,” my helm officer announced, “but there’s nothing here.”

“Start scanning for the Tobarrus,” I ordered my science officer. “Try to boost the range of the sensors. We have to find that ship as soon as possible.”

She tapped a few controls and a moment later, she had an answer. “Captain, we’ve found the Tobarrus. Heading 315.2 by 89.1 by 144.”

The helmsman spoke up next. “Course entered, Captain.”

“Maximum warp,” I replied as I glanced over to Sori.

His gaze was transfixed on the viewer with an intense concentration that I recognized as patently his. He was searching the streaking star field for even the smallest sign of his ship. Suddenly, he stood up on his chair and pointed to the view screen. “There it is!” he cried out with glee.

My science officer announced, “The ship isn’t in visual range yet.”

“What do you mean?” he asked as he hopped down from the chair and approached the view screen. He pointed to a tiny spot of light. I can see it clear as day. It’s right there.”

I glanced over to my science officer as she tapped a few controls. “I’m checking … Confirmed. It’ll be within visible range in ten seconds.”

“The doctor said, that all of my senses are far superior in this compact body, except for my sense of smell, of course” Sori explained taking another deep wheezing breath.

“Open a channel to the Tobarrus,” I interrupted. When my comm officer confirmed that the channel was open, I began, “USS Tobarrus, this is Captain Audria Leah Cim of the USS Oppenheimer. Come in Tobarrus.” I waited a moment for a response and began to repeat it, when the response came in.
“Audria … I mean Captain Leah Cim,” Fausto, the Tobarrus’ new first officer, said stepping into frame of the Tobarrus’ bridge. “It’s good to see you.”

I needed to know how much they knew of the current situation. “Where’s Soriedem?” I asked.

He became noticeably nervous before responding. “Uhh … He’s unavailable right now.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“We had no choice but to relieve him of duty. He’s currently in the brig,” Fausto replied.

I didn’t want to tip my hand just yet. “The brig?” I asked.

“He’s been acting strangely ever since the attack on Deep Space Seven. He was sporadic, unfocused, completely unlike himself. We urged him to go to sick bay to get checked out, but he refused. Ultimately, Drem had to order him to sick bay. When he refused again, she had no choice but to relieve him of duty. He got angry and attacked her. We had to stun him in order to remove him from the bridge. Right now, he’s in the brig calming down before we let Drem check him out.”

“Is she alright?” I asked, concerned for Drem.

“Her pride was bruised, but she’s doing fine.”

“Good,” I replied. “I’m sorry to tell you this, but that’s not Sori. It’s some kind of body-snatching alien. I’ve got the real Sori onboard my ship. We request permission to beam aboard to question him. Hopefully, we can figure out how to return Soriedem to his original body.”

For the first time during our conversation, Fausto actually seemed relieved. He took his role of First Officer seriously, and wasn’t comfortable with the fact that he had led a mutiny against his Captain. He sighed with relief. I wasn’t sure if it was because he had made the right decision, or that his time as interim Captain of the Tobarrus was in its final moments.

Soriedem took a deep breath before he spoke up. “You’ve done well Fausto. Now, beam us aboard so that we can fix this little problem of ours.”

Fausto looked around the bridge, unsure about how to proceed.

“Fausto,” Sori said reassuringly. “Do you remember what I said to you when you came on board the Tobarrus for the first time?”

The comment caught Fausto’s attention. He nodded a response in the affirmative.

“I had explained that this may have been a Federation starship with a Starfleet crew. But, I wasn’t the standard cookie-cutter captain,” he exhaled heavily and quickly followed it with a massive inhale. “Then, I said that if you couldn’t handle it, I would be glad to order a transfer for you without a negative recommendation on your permanent record. However, if you stuck around, I’m sure you would not regret it.”
Fausto smiled. “And I have not regretted staying on board the Tobarrus for a single moment.”

Soriedem smiled widely. It sent shivers down my spine. “We’ve had some good adventures haven’t we? Remember the little excursion to Drozana Station last year?”

Fausto began to laugh. “At the time, I thought you were mad to help that Orion female escape her slave masters,” he said before turning to someone off screen, “Lower shields; permission to come aboard is granted.”
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# 12 Intruder Alert - Part 4
02-16-2012, 01:58 PM
A few moments later, Sori and I were beamed aboard the bridge of the Tobarrus. We were greeted by Sori’s crew who were happy to see me, their former First Officer, but were apprehensive about Sori’s new form.

He inhaled loudly and ordered them back to work. “This is no time for socializing.”

“He’s right,” Fausto replied. “Resume course back to Deep Space Seven.” He led us to the turbo lift and accompanied us to the brig where the body snatcher in Soriedem’s body was being held.

When we reached security, I suggested that Sori remain behind for a moment, while we make the imposter sweat. Sori’s face contorted into another wicked grin. I had to turn away from him. I couldn’t wait to have the old Sori back. Living with this one wasn’t an option.

Fausto and I approached the cell.

The alien in Sori’s body approached the forcefield and demanded to be released. I stared at the imposter wearing my lifemate’s skin without saying a word. I knew it wasn’t really Sori in there, but I have to admit that my heart broke a little when he looked at me and said, “I see you’ve brought me a playmate. Who’s this?”

Fausto stepped towards the forcefield and said with utter disgust, “What is wrong with you? That is no way to speak to your wife.”

“Wife?” the body-snatcher replied with a laugh. “I should have known.”

“Who are you and what have you done to Soriedem,” Fausto demanded.

The alien imposter stuttered as he said, “I am Sor … I’m Sorie … I’m him!”

I couldn’t help myself. I cried out, “We don’t believe you. You can’t even say his name. You may look and sound like him, but you’re definitely not my Sori.” I was angry. If that forcefield wasn’t between us, I would have pummeled him right then and there. I took a deep breath and regained a fraction of my composure. “I’m only going to ask you once and only once. Tell me the truth and I’ll show you leniency. Lie to me and I’ll make sure that it’s the last thing you do. Who are you? What have you done to my husband?”

Before the alien could answer, Soriedem stepped out from around the corner and eyed him with contempt. The poser gasped in surprise at the sight of his former body standing in front of him. He began to laugh. “I see it is pointless. You offered me leniency. Does that include giving me a shuttle and letting me go?”

Sori cursed at him. “And let you do this to somebody else? I don’t think so,” he cried out.

“I’m not talking to you,” the imposter replied to Sori. “You’d kill me if you had your way.” He turned towards me. “Well? How badly do you want him back?”

I looked down to Sori. I wanted to restore him to previous form, but Sori was right. Its freedom would mean that it could do this to countless others. It had to be stopped, but it also couldn’t remain within Sori’s body. It was up to me to find a way to resolve this issue as quickly and safely as possible. “You know we can’t do that,” I said plainly.

Frustrated with my answer, he reached out and placed Sori’s body in danger by coming in contact with the forcefield. He held his hands there. Sori’s face contorted in a grimace of agony. I couldn’t take it. I begged him to stop. With a laugh, he pulled back his hands. I breathed a sigh of relief. I turned to Fausto and asked if the alien in my husband’s skin had done anything to directly jeopardize the ship or any of its crew?
“You mean besides impersonating the Captain of the ship? Well … no.”

“Audria. You can’t seriously be considering this?” my Sori asked.

“Shut up short stuff. Can’t you see she’s trying to help you?” the other Sori replied.

“Restore Soriedem and we’ve got a deal,” I replied. Sori and Fausto both objected loudly to my decision, but I silenced them. “It’s the only way.”

“You may trust him, but I do not,” Fausto stated as he walked over to the weapons locker and removed a pair of phaser rifles. He handed one to me as he said, “If you’re going to do this, we’re going to do it safely.”

“How does this work?” I asked the strange being in the cell.

The body-snatcher smiled and said, “All you need to do is drop the shield. I’ll do the rest.”

I nodded to the on-duty security officer. He glanced at Fausto and Sori. When they both reluctantly agreed, he deactivated the forcefield. The other Sori stepped through the cell unmolested. He smiled and announced, “I need to lay hands on you.”

The Sori in the alien body immediately tensed up. I encouraged him to proceed. Reluctantly, he agreed. As the alien dressed in Sori’s skin stepped forward, we trained our weapons on him and followed him every step away from the cell. He raised a hand up with fingers splayed and laid it against the side of Sori’s grey head. Closing his eyes the imposter began to mumble something under his breath. As the transference ritual proceeded, the shell that housed Soriedem’s mind began to mumble along with it. The alien consciousness passed from one vessel to the other. The Soriedem I had known my entire life stopped mumbling as the little body snatcher continued on and completed the ritual.

Soriedem glanced down, checked his hands and the rest of his body. “I’m me again,” he replied joyously.
I needed to be sure. “After we were bonded together, what was the first thing we did once the ritual was complete?”

Soriedem laughed. “We went on separate vacations, of course.”

It worked. I had my Sori back. I pulled him away from the little creature and pushed him behind me.
The little grey alien smiled it’s disgusting grin and said as he headed out of the security office, “It’s been fun. I would normally say that we should do this again, but I don’t think we will. Now, if you don’t mind showing me to the shuttle bay, I’ve got places to go and people to see.”

“You’re not going anywhere,” I replied.

The body snatcher stopped, turned to face me, and said, “But we had an agreement.”

“We did,” I agreed. “You may not have hurt anyone on board this ship, but you most certainly committed a number of crimes back on Deep Space Seven. We’re taking you back there now to pay for your crimes.”

The little grey toad cried out and lunged at me. My rifle fired and the creature collapsed at my feet, stunned. Quickly, we hauled it back into the cell, raised the forcefield, and left the brig. With Sori returned to his body, we notified the rest of the Tobarri that disaster had been adverted and that we can now lift the moratorium on using our t’Os. A short while later, we reached Deep Space Seven and unloaded our prisoner using transporters to avoid a repeat of the day’s earlier excitement. Later, Sori met me in the transporter room. We communicated silently with one another over our t’Os, before I returned to my ship to resume our original mission.

Computer. End Recording and transmit log to Starfleet Command.
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# 13
02-17-2012, 03:05 AM
Admiral Berryshine Punch's log, stardate ... not sure. Apparently the Ferengi make you pay for finding that sort of thing out, and I'm out of latinum.
Still, the fact that you can pay some Ferengi to do just about anything comes in handy sometimes, but I'd better start at the beginning, just in case this plan doesn't work. Hopefully the Romulans who'll kill me if this goes wrong will find this and pass it along to Starfleet. If we're not at war by then.

The Harmony was at Deep Space Seven the last time I saw her, and we were taking on medical supplies to deliver to some of the Romulan and Reman colonies in the area. I'd heard that one of the traders on the station had a small stock of very old, very good Andorian Ale so I had beamed over to get some. I was on my way back to the transporter room when the alarms sounded. According to station security, a Romulan warbird had decloaked and beamed soldiers onto the station and then ... nothing. It all went blank and when I got back up station security were shooting at me. The first shot hurt, but didn't seem to do much, so I knocked the rifle out of the officer's hands. That was when I noticed that my arm was rather big, green and scaly. I didn't have much time to think about though. Hearing someone order that phasers be set to kill tends to reorder your priorities a bit, especially when they start shooting at you.
Now, I've been in Starfleet a good while. Running away from people shooting at me isn't exactly new, but that time everything was all wrong. My balance had taken a trip to Risa, gotten drunk and ended up in the Delta Quadrant and my legs were just so heavy. Still, I managed to get far enough ahead of the security team to activate an emergency forcefield between us and take a good look at myself. I almost wish I hadn't, but it explained things. Some things, anyway.
I was a Gorn. A little taller than I am and a lot broader. That wasn't actually to bad, but when I recognized which Gorn I was, it got worrying. Naturally that was when the Romulans turned up, understandably eager to kill me.

After all, I looked just like the Gorn who had engineered and released an especially nasty disease on several of their colonies - the same ones that the Harmony was here to help. If the station security team hadn't broken past the forcefield, I probably would have been killed right there. As it is, I've got a nasty burn on my leg. Leaving the security team to distract the Romulans, I took off as well as I could manage. Did I mention that the burn hurts. Of course it does, it's a burn. They always hurt. A lot. For a very long time.

Anyway, I managed to get up to the docking section just in time to see the Harmony leave. Presumably with a Gorn war criminal pretending to be me on it, along with a cargo bay full of medical supplies for her to tamper with. The Romulans were out for blood - mine especially - and Starfleet would probably just hand me right over to them if they got hold of me, so turning myself in to security was out. Still, I had my bag, a brick of latinum and a bottle of vintage ch'Aniri Blue, and a station full of panicky people. I'm not sure whether he recognized me or not, but I managed to talk a Ferengi into taking me with him as he ran from the Romulans and, in return for the brick, catching the Harmony up and beaming me over. The Ferengi looks pretty hard up and this ship of his is tiny and badly maintained, so he must need the latinum quite badly. I'm not sure this tub can pull off a mid-warp transport, but there's not much choice here.
And since it's still three hours until we catch up to the Harmony, I'm going to drink this ale. I'm not entirely sure what it'll do to a Gorn body, but I'm not going to let it go to waste.

Admiral's log, stardate ... stop smirking, Commander. Yes, I can see you back there. Stop it.
Somehow, that little Ferengi ship managed to beam me over to the Harmony in one piece. Not that I got very far before a security team turned up. Considering how eager the station crew had been to get hold of me, I didn't try talking them down. And I was a little bit drunk.
Also, a note here. Security team on the Harmony need additional hand to hand combat training. Only Security Chief Takerra put up much of a fight. Not enough of one to stop me, but still a good effort. I managed to reach the cargo bay where the medical supplies were being kept and began scanning them to see if they had been contaminated. At this point, First Officer Nwusazsa and a second security team arrived. Commander Nwusazsa then reminded me that she is Betazoid and, thus, a telepath. Noticing a change in my behaviour when 'I' returned from DS7 - including the lack of the Andorian Ale I had gone over there to acquire - she had taken a look at the imposter's mind. After a brief struggle, they had managed to take her into custody, and had been about to return to DS7 when I arrived. The threat of being turned over to the Romulans was sufficient to persuade the Gorn to reveal how to reverse the process she had used to assume control over my body, but it appears that during the initial struggle Commander Takerra had permanently injured my left eye. This may be why I'm not especially upset that I broke her arm during our struggle when I boarded the Harmony. Also, while Commander Nwusazsa stated that she would not hand the prisoner over to the Romulans, I made no such agreement, and the Romulans have promised a fair trial. Also, this act may help stabilize relations in the region We have agreed to meet the RIW D'Verian at DS7. Unfortunately the Gorn had sufficient time to contaminate the medical supplies with an enhanced, even more virulent, version of the original disease and we will need to replace the entire shipment. And I'll have to get used to having one eye. Chief Engineer Kover has suggested a Chang-Riverna eyepatch instead of a standard ocular implant. Apparently it will provide the same vision but is more durable and easier to repair.
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# 14 Second Breath Pt. 2
02-18-2012, 12:50 PM
-- Begin Recording

“Captain’s Personal Log: Stardate 89110.1:

It’s Vice Admiral Kim Sharp. I swear it is. I am finally back aboard the Stellar Drift and in my own body. I must say the last few weeks have been the most interesting in my life, and from what my wife and daughter tell me, interesting for everyone else as w.”ll.

“I’m still not your wife yet.” Sevak said matter-of-factly.

She walked into the living area from the bedroom, glancing at Kim who sat on the sofa.

“We might as well be married at this point.”

“But we’re not.”

“It’s my log entry.” Kim glared at Sevak.

“It’s a record going into the ship’s computer. Stop being a secondary school child and tell the truth.”

Sevak turned away from Kim and began to fold laundry.

“Fine. The frustrating woman who lives with me, and my daughter tell me life was interesting for them as well.

The tactic of killing my body, so everyone thinks I am dead, and then transporting my consciousness into a hologram for interrogation has to be one of the most inventive things I have seen Sela do in some time. They asked me all sorts of questions, mostly pertaining to the rebellion out near Alhala. I gave them what little coordinates I could recall, and wish them well against the Klingons.

Unfortunately for my enemies in the Star Empire, their plan was foiled by a group that Starfleet is now referring to as the Subspace Sirens: Five starships, all commanded by women, led by my beloved daughter. They penetrated deep into Romulan space to find me and my killer. After rescuing me, the crazy girls then proceeded into Borg space to try and put me back together. Using Borg nanites to infuse my consciousness back into my body was beyond inventive. Sevak says it was Lieutenant Olio’s idea. I hope Ziri doesn’t mind that I have put her in for a commendation.

They risked everything for me. I can’t express how much I owe each of them, and the crews of their ships.

Then there is Ynala. She is still alive, but not with me any longer. I can’t say where she has gone, just that she is still alive. I owe her as well, but she is the kind of person I will be indebted to for the rest of my life. Having to say goodbye again was difficult. Especially on Vaihuu. As Ynala would say, it’s time. If I see her again, I will have to tell her that longer skirts work better since my legs are kind of on the chunky side.

I’d like to think I remember some of the time when she had possession of my body, but it’s so foggy and jumbled up with memories of being a hologram, and from random moments in our past that I can’t really tell if it’s real or not.

“I rather miss her.”

Kim growled in exasperation and looked at Sevak.

“For one thing, she was far less stubborn, she could sing, she had better fashion sense, and was a far better cook.”

“Well, if you like we can see if Ziri will switch us back.”

Sevak skewed her lips and sat next to Kim. She grabbed more laundry and continue folding. “Lieutenant Olio is on light duty since she is still recovering from her injuries, as are you still on light duty as well. Since I am in command of this ship until Doctor Zoymu says otherwise, I believe it's best we leave her alone. Having you here instead is acceptable.”

"Sevak, can you move down a bit? I don't want my underwear appearing in the video."

"This is not underwear. It's the mini skirt that Ynala bought you the other day."

"I don't want that in the recording either. I don't wear skirts anyway."

"It is not logical for you to be embarrassed about it. The entire senior staff saw you in it, as did the Romulan Ambassador. We all thought it looked agreeable on you."

Sevak turned to Kim who stared at her a moment.

"I might wear it then." The dark haired Vulcan said, holding it up the blue, pleated fabric in front of her face, which also happened to be in plain view of the video recorder. "I'm sure Petty Officer Yara can hem the waist down to fit me."

Kim rested her face in her hand and sighed. She turned away from Sevak and had a small epiphany.

“You know, there’s one thing about all of this that doesn’t make sense.”

“Oh?” The Vulcan security officer asked.

“You were standing next to me when I was shot. If Sela wanted to kill anyone that could be a threat to her seat on the throne, why not also kill you? Theoretically, if I contested her you would become the spouse of a Romulan Empress. A Vulcan with that much power in the Empire I think would be more inflammatory than a human holding the chair itself. Also, how did she know I was at that location at that specific time? It was a little convenient don’t you think?”

Sevak frowned deeply. “I had nothing to do with it.”

“I know you didn’t, but what I am saying is, I think it may have been staged to look like she had something to do with it. The only trouble is I don’t know who might do something like that.”

"I suspect Mati Renet. She always told me when you were at the Academy, you didn't help her fold laundry either."

Kim rolled her eyes. "I'm sure an 80 year old Bolian woman plotted my assassination because I didn't help her fold laundry 40 years ago."

"Not all Bolians are good-spirited. You never know. She may have sat there and dwelled upon it all the years she manned the transporter room at Starbase 14.

"Another thing, if you became Empress of the Star Empire, my presence would be less inflammatory to the Romulans than yours. Since I am not your spouse, I would simply be your Vulcan friend, or that Vulcan woman in the background. You could simply convince them I was a maid or some other servant.”

“Look, it’s not my fault we haven’t seen Earth in six months. It’s also not my fault that you don’t want to budge on the marriage plans. What Vulcan wants to get married in Norway in the middle of winter?”

“I do. Actually, if you hadn’t died, we would have been on Earth last week.”

Kim rolled her eyes. “You do know this thing is still on right?”

Sevak blinked. “Oh.”

--- End recording.
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# 15 The Intruder - Part 1
02-20-2012, 10:32 AM
Captain's Log, star *cough* stardate 13357.9

I always thought radiation would be painful. Most species much such a fuss about it, and yet, *cough* and yet all... all I feel is a tingling, a slight discomfort as my body shuts itself down. I feel tired. I would close my eyes if I didn't... know I would never open them again. It's too late, I know I won't survive, but I figure it's my duty to record one last log entry. It all started...


“Let me out of here, that's an order,” the prisoner commanded. “I am Captain Koth Divvur, commanding officer of the USS Bastion.”

“Yeah, and I'm President Okeg. If you voted for me maybe I'll drop the force field,” the security officer mockingly responded, before turning to his partner, a big grin on his face. The other Deep Space Seven security officer was laughing.

The door to the holding area opened, and both security officers suddenly went rigid, their grins replaced by a face of stern concentration as they stood to attention. Koth, or whoever the purple skinned body he was inhabiting, smiled. He recognised the officer who had just entered. Commander Khaanti Tyn was the Andorian First Officer of the USS Bastion. She was no doubt here to release Koth and help solve the mystery of why he appeared to be a clear metre taller than normal.

Without a word, she walked up to the console and started pressing buttons on the LCARS display panel. The force field dropped. The security officers suddenly went wide eyed with shock as they realised what had just happened, as they both turned to each other enquiringly, Koth shifted his focus to his First Officer, who was now walking towards him.

“Is it me or are you a little shorter than I rememb...”. Koth didn't finish his sentence as the Andorian's fist connected with his jaw. He felt his back hit the back wall of the holding cell before realising his alien legs were no longer allowing him to stand. He slumped to the floor.

“What did you do to the Captain you son of a slime worm!” the Andorian shouted down at him. In the background, the security officers had drawn their phasers, but were still uncertain as to what was happening, trying to work out if they should be pointing them at Koth or a higher ranking officer.

Koth felt blood pouring from his lower lip. He wiped it onto his hand and studied it for a second. As he looked at the deep purple liquid drip from his purple fingers he suddenly felt fear. Captain Koth Divvur was supposed to be a Tyrellian, the first one of his people to ever reach the rank of Captain within Starfleet. He commanded of the finest ships in the fleet with one of the best crews around, many of whom were his friends. What if he could never go back, what if he was to be stuck in this body forever, a species he had never even encountered before? What if no-one believed him?

He pushed these thoughts aside, looking up at his assailant, whose eyes were still fixed on his bleeding purple form.

“It's me Khaanti,” Koth said weakly. The Andorian's face turned to one of confusion, her antennae twitched as she tried to process this unexpected response. However, Koth never got a chance to elaborate further as the door to the holding cells opened again. This time a human male walked in, Commander Roberts, commander of Deep Space Seven. The two security officers again stood to attention, holstering their phasers as they did so. One of them missed the holster and the phaser clattered to the floor. With a slightly embarrassed look he knelt down to pick his weapon up, while his friend struggled to hold his face in a neutral expression. Commander Roberts sighed;
“You two, stand guard outside.” he commanded, before turning his attention to the remaining two people in the room.
“I see you decided to question my prisoner without me Commander Tyn,” he said to the Andorian.
“A prisoner that assaulted the Captain of my starship,” she replied.
“And you felt that assaulting his assailant would somehow help the Captain as he fights for his life in sickbay?” Roberts asked. Khaanti remained silent so the Commander continued. “I should inform you that Doctor Tunok has indeed managed to stabilize Captain Divvur, and although he is still currently unconscious, we hope he will make a full recovery.”

“ I somehow doubt that,” Koth said, rising to his feet. “Captain Divvur is right here.” Both Starfleet officers turned to the unidentified purple alien in the holding cell.
“My chief of security informed me of your claims. I am not sure what you intend to accomplish with this ruse, but I fully intend to find out why you were in a section of the station restricted to non-starfleet personnel.” the station commander said.
“Because I am a Starfleet Officer, I was attacked, and when I woke...” Koth started to reply.
“Enough of this, Doctor Tunok will be along any minute to run a DNA scan. We will establish what species you are and cross reference that with everybody who has arrived on the station the last few months. Once we have your identity, we will start to ask you why you were in that section and what you did to the Tyrellian Starfleet Captain currently lying in our sickbay.”
Khaanti, who had remained silent during this exchange, decided to speak.
“If you want, we could get Doctor Grax to come over from the Bastion to conduct the scan.” It seemed like an odd thing to do for a prisoner, but then Koth realised she was testing him.
“Cygnus is currently on shore leave on Bolarus visiting his parents. Of course, officially, the crew believes he is at a medical conference on Earth. However, after the two of you had a heated debate regarding a personal matter, I decided he could do with...” Koth replied, supplying information that only the two of them should know.
“Ok, that's enough. I guess the station's Doctor will conduct the scan,” Khaanti interrupted.

At that very moment the Doctor arrived. The Vulcan physician wasted no time starting a full scan of the purple alien in the holding cell. He completed the scan, saying nothing but the word “interesting”, before using the computer console, entering the data he had obtained.
“What's interesting Doctor?” Commander Roberts asked.
“If you will just be patient Commander, I am currently completing my analysis.” the Doctor replied.
“Can you give us any information now?” the station commander asked.
“I would prefer to finish my analysis before divulging that information Commander.”
“Doctor...” Commander Roberts said, a stern edge to his voice.
“This person is a Falsakian.”
“What's a Falsakian?”
“Commander, if you allow me two minutes to finish my research I will be able to answer all your questions.”
The room was completely silent for what seemed like an eternity. Koth started to pace up and down, which brought a smile to his First Officer's face, although she was quick to disguise it. Being unable to sit down for any length of time was a trait this 'Falsakian' shared with her Tyrellian Captain. It seemed that she was starting to believe Koth was who he said he was.

In what was, knowing Vulcans, 120 seconds later, Doctor Tunok presented his results:
“Commander, Falsakian's are a species believed to originate from unexplored star clusters beyond the Romulan Empire. Their species has a unique ability to copy the memories of an individual through prolonged touch, subsequently being able to draw upon these memories with crystal clarity. It is believed the Tal Shiar has used them on several occasions to obtain classified information.”
It was Khaanti who responded first, her eyes narrowing as she looked at Koth.
“So you have stolen the Captain's memories and are now using them to try and trick us!” she said, pointing an accusing finger at the Falsakian, her voice trembling with anger.
“No, no. I'm Koth Divvur. Maybe something went wrong, the Falsakian may have been interrupted, or he had never stolen memories from a Tyrellian before.”
“That is possible. Tyrellian physiology has evolved a unique set of characteristics. It is why Betazoid's are unable to use their empathic abilities on them.” the Doctor interjected.
“So you are saying that there are now two Koth Divvur's?” Khannti asked the Vulcan, her voice calmer.
“As I stated before, it is possible. However, the evidence suggests that it is more likely that this Falsakian is using those memories in an attempt to escape captivity.”
“I'm me Khaanti, you have to believe that,” Koth said, before smiling at his first officer and continuing. “Of course, if there are now two Captain Divvur's, does that mean you are now Second Officer?”
The Andorian Commander rolled her eyes. “We are still going to have to keep you in this holding cell for now while we carry out further...”

“Stone to Commander Roberts.” The panicked voice came from station commander's combadge. Koth recognised the voice, it was the new Chief Engineer he had met when the Bastion had first arrived.
“Go ahead,” the Commander responded.
“Sir, we have a problem. We were checking the section where we picked up that intruder. The primary generator has been sabotaged. At the rate the temperature is increasing, it will overload in about 15 minutes, taking the entire station with it.”
“Can you fix it?”
“I don't think so sir. We have a lot of radiation leaking into the surrounding sections. I don't know enough about these old types of reactor to repair it before the radiation kills me.”
“Then sound the evacuation alarm.” the commander said.
“Tyn to Bastion”, Khaanti said, tapping her combadge. “We need an emergency evacuation of the station, start beaming everyone you can aboard the ship. We need to detach in twelve minutes if we are to get to a safe distance.”
“Commander, there is no way we can evacuate the entire station in that time.” came the response.
“I know, just get everyone you can.” the Andorian said, closing the channel.
“Commander, I estimate that we can evacuate 62.9 per cent of the station's population before the station is destroyed.” Doctor Tunok offered. With this statistical analysis of the situation, things looked grim.

To be continued...
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# 16 The Intruder - Part 2
02-20-2012, 10:32 AM
And now the conclusion...

“I think I can fix it.” said Koth. Both Commanders turned to face the Falsakian, who had been almost forgotten about as the current situation unfolded. Koth continued:
“When I... that is Koth Divvur, was a Cadet, I stopped a similar problem with one of these old ND-17 reactors at Starbase 19. That's why I was in that section when I was attacked. I was helping your new Chief Engineer get to know his way around the old machine.”
“This could be a ruse, to escape captivity before the station is destroyed.” Commander Roberts pointed out.
“It could also be the only way to save everybody on board this station. You have to trust me on this” Koth countered.
“I'll go with him,escort him the the Engineering section.” Khaanti said.
“You can't Khaanti. If I fail, you will be killed in the explosion. That section is too heavily shielded to beam you out from there.”
“Then you had better be Koth Divvur, one of the best engineering minds in Starfleet and the luckiest Captain I have ever met.” the Andorian said.

Koth, or at least the purple skinned Falsakian with Koth's memories, was climbing ladders to the generator's primary control hub. He had insisted Khaanti stay behind at the junction, away from the areas filled with radiation. However, they still had a open comm channel.
“You know, I've been thinking. This Falsakian had quite a cunning plan,” Koth said.
“What do you mean?” Khaanti asked in response.
“Well, first he sabotages the station, so that it, and the Bastion, will be destroyed once he is clear. Then he steals my memories, including all sorts of things Captain's get, like secure access codes to Starfleet Command databases and other stuff like that.”
“Then the station explodes, killing Captain Divvur, and before any of those codes are cancelled or changed, Starfleet has to send another ship to investigate, confirm that the USS Bastion was destroyed and not just out of contact. While that investigation is ongoing, free access to all sorts of top secret intel” Khaanti concluded. “Of course, if you are indeed a Falsakian pretending to be the Captain then fixing your own sabotage job won't help. Though I suppose imprisonment is better than being on this station when it explodes.”
“I'm not going to prison Khaanti. The radiation is going to kill me.”
“What?,” Khaanti exclaimed. “You said you had done this before.”
“Yes, as a Tyrellian, who have evolved to withstand high doses of radiation.”
“Maybe Falsakians have similar res...” the channel went dead as Koth got too close to the reactor core. As he reached the control hub he started adjusting isolinear chips, re-routing power, using everything his engineering background had taught him. As he did so, his body felt increasingly more tired and he started coughing.
“Computer, begin log entry. Captain Koth Divvur, USS Bastion.”


Captain Koth Divvur, Tyrellian commanding officer of the USS Bastion was pacing up and down on the bridge as he listened to the log entry. All the other officers had been going about their routine tasks but, one by one, the tapping of LCARS consoles faded as the members of the Bastion's bridge crew stopped to listen to the log entry. By the end of the recording the bridge was completely silent.

Koth sat down in the Command chair and turned to his first officer, Commander Khaanti Tyn.
“So what do you think, was this Falsakian really another me, or just pretending?” the Captain asked.
“I'm not sure,” Khaanti responded.
Koth thought about it for a bit, then looked again at the Andorian.
“So, if there were two Captain Divvur's, does that mean you were actually the Second Officer?” he asked.
Khannti chuckled. “Sometimes I am glad you are unique Captain. If there were two people with your sense of humour I'm sure the universe would collapse in on itself.”
“We are ready to undock from Deep Space Seven Captain.” the conn officer announced.
“Then lets get going, plenty more adventures to be had.” Koth commanded, rising to his feet. “And next time there are two of me Commander Tyn,” he added, speaking over his shoulder to his first officer, “try and keep one of me alive long enough to meet the other. Now that would be an experience.”
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# 17
02-21-2012, 12:33 PM
Great job on this one, Captains! I was really entertained by your stories, and I am sure everyone who read them was as well.

I am going to unsticky this now as I prepare to post #13. If you have not had a chance to post your entry yet, feel free to still do so.


Brandon =/\=

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