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# 1 House of the Overlords
02-07-2012, 06:43 PM
The House of the Overlords is seeking new blood to replace that which has been taken from us. We are a small house that hopes to one day return The Empire to Glory and Honor. Under the current leadership of J'pak the empire has had may losses and we can no longer afford to battle so many enemies at once. The House of Durus and her smaller allies ahve brought the empire to the edge of ruin. I can not fight the corruption in the empire alone. Please stand with us as we fight to preserve that which we hold dear.

Please leave your contact info if you are interested. We are a small group of 5 members and are actively looking for more warriors to fill or ranks. With former members not being on any more or movinfg to new MMO's we are seeking new leadership as well, alone with allies. Hope to hear from you soon Lordtigerhawk.

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