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# 1 Omega Hyper Force Engines Mkxi
02-08-2012, 08:03 AM
I've searched for an answer in the forms and didn't find anything...

Is this working as intended?

On the ground...these engines appear to have
+16 flight speed
+20 flight turn rate

In Space...(if your are at a dead stop)
+21 flight speed
+0.75 flight turn rate

...but once you apply any impulse speed in space it changes in real time to
+21 flight speed
+25 flight turn rate

For me this is a problem. Whomever is in charge of asset / info management? And how hard is it to change the info on the items to reflect what they actually do? Another example would be the announcement that the field generator +35 maximum shield capacity was changing ----Is it 35% maximum shield capacity or is it 35+ points? I can't help feeling that there are other items that have missing and misleading information. Especially when a player is one the ground trying to make an informed decision on what item to get.

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02-08-2012, 03:26 PM
It's working as intended. On the ground, you are seeing the unmodified base stats of the engine. In space, you are seeing the modified engines stats based upon the engine and turn modifies of your ship. And turn rate is almost zero if you don't have any velocity. That is working as intended. You have to have a bit f velocity before the turn attribute is un-nerfed from it's dead stop state.

Field Generator console was changed to +35 Starship Shield Systems for a day. That was a bug. There was no reduction of capacity intended for the conversion. Their conversion script's math wasn't correct. So They converted the consoles back to +35% Capacity until the match can be corrected.

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