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# 1 How about a Foundry Contest?
02-08-2012, 11:01 AM
You know since the DEVS are so tied up with F2P launch why not throw the Foundry/UGC Community a bone. We have all been asking for the ability to colloborate on a project. This could be done easily enough on the tribble server. Think of it as free labor....[Cryptic should love FREE].

Regular content is vital to getting the interest of the new players and keeping your gold members happy too. The klingon side is BARREN and there is no reason for it. Many of the fed missions could be converted to a Klingon mission with just a few tweaks to costumes and dialogue.

Please release more tools for the UGC Community to work with and it will pay huge dividends in creative fun episodes that truly explore STO and not just kill enemies and collect rewards. There are plenty of lists of things that the community would like access to.

Why not set a dev over the Foundry Community to review submissions for new content? This would make sure that the TOS is followed to the letter and relieve a ton of frustration on the part of the players. This would give the game a huge much needed shot in the arm.

The contest would give teams of UGC guys the opportunity to showcase thier talents, like Storyline, Map Making, and thier Creative Talents. The prizes could be anything from a usable ship like a freighter to a exclusive costume. Cryptic holds a golden opportunity to do something no other game dares and that is to listen to the Community at large and act on thier suggestions to further the enjoyment of the game [While making a ton of cash off free labor]

DStahl are you listening?
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# 2
02-23-2012, 01:04 AM
I am going to tell you about the Current Foundry Contest, but you can search for it for yourself. I think that's fair, considering you'l probably be competiton against us all! Specifically, me.
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# 3 Great Idea
02-23-2012, 05:45 PM
Ever since Cryptic said there would probably only be two FS this year, I have felt that the Foundry will be the main source of new content. If any one from Cryptic is reading, you should consider actively promoting the Foundry i.e. spotlighting missions again, or adapt Foundry missions into Cryptic missions. New content is the most important thing.

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