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I am attempting to finish the Weapons of Misdirection part of The Return Undine mission, but whenever I transfer to the ground portion of the mission after having rescued the Romulan ship, the game crashes back to the desktop with no explanation or error message. I am then unable to log into that character (a level 50 Tac) for several minutes at least, as trying to do so immediately crashes the game. I am, however, able to log into one of my alts.

I have tried dropping the mission and restarting it, as well as changing instances, but the problem just reoccurs whenever I have to beam across to the Romulan ship (whenever I confirm the members of my Away Team).

I have submitted a ticket ingame, but was advised to contact Perfect World. I did so via email a few days ago, but have yet to recieve a response. I'm trying to create a PW account so I can contact them again, but am having problems in logging into their site.

At the moment, it feels like I'm banging my head against a brick wall!

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