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02-09-2012, 06:20 AM

I still have a Cryptic (not PWE) account. I'm having a relatively minor issue with my account so I went to the support page and logged into my Cryptic account (Cryptic support not PWE support).

I created a ticket about the issue yesterday and verified that the ticket is created and listed in my account.

24 hours later and no one has responded to my issue or replied to me in any way. I do not see any other way to contact support (for example, no phone number I can find).

Is it too much to ask for at least an acknowledgement that you have received the issue within 24 hours of receiving a ticket in the *middle of the week*?

Is support dead? Is there a better way to contact support?

Do I *have* to link to PWE to get any support in this game anymore?

The game may be free to play now but I did purchase the game retail and have been, and still am, a paying subscriber. I just now got my lifetime subscription but i'm still giving them plenty of money I assure you.

What's the deal with support?
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02-09-2012, 06:21 AM
If the ticket is in there then they got it. It may take a little bit to get your issue delt with. If it's an Account/Billing issue you can wait till their account support chat is open and ask them directly however.

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