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Hey Guys

I recently returned back to STO and have no experience with the Foundry Missions cuz i stopped playing STO more than a year ago...

Now to my question, why am i asking for those missions?

I was one of those content closed beta testers who liked the harder approach in terms of difficulty in CB-times. At release and even with the implementation of the ELITE-Level, most episodes or missions were and are no real challenge for me in the space part (which was the main reason to stop playing STO btw)... so i am looking for some User generated ones, which are made for people like me, who wants hard space battles but giving a sh... on the ground part !!! :p

Are there any or is there a list which missions are only space ones?? Cuz the ground part is still a pain to play for me...

Thx Guys

P.S.: pls no comments like: go play PvP or something like this cuz i did this regularly but didnt liked many aspects of PvP, as you nearly never get fair 1on1 battles there... but thats another story
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02-10-2012, 03:00 AM
hmmm....was my question as difficult to answer?

Lets make it mire simple:

1. Is there any list of Foundry Missions, which are SPACE-related, which GROUND-related or which have both parts??

2. If this is not the case, could you be pls so kind to give me names of missions which are PURELY IN SPACE ??
Doesnt matter, if some of you more experienced foundry users stumbled upon one randomly, or if some helpful developer of one of those missions will raise his hands... i will be thankful anyway

P.S.: and forget about the difficulty, i am quite happy if i have to do the space part only :p

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