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02-09-2012, 09:06 PM
Originally Posted by HamRadio18
I almost agree with you there. I want these stats on some Federations ships
I agree, the Galor class is really strong. It's too bad that I'm probably not going to get one because every time I try, I get something such as a food item, which is kinda of useless. As to answer your question, use your normal engineering layout.
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02-10-2012, 12:43 AM
Originally Posted by Alairan View Post
Okay, being lucky enough to get a Galor drop, I'm now staring at my bridge officers, wondering how to outfit them. Having only really flown Escorts and Science ships at VA level, I'm a little lost on what to equip my cruiser with.

So, any advice would be very much appreciated!
If I get one I will prly use the following boff setup.

Cmdr Eng: EptW 1, EptS 2, Engingering Team 3, Aux2SIF 3
Lt. Eng: EptW 1, EptS 2
Lt. Cmdr Tac: Torp Spread 1, BFAW 2, Attack Pattern Omega
Lt. Uni: Sci Team 1, Hazards 2,
Esn Sci: TSS 1

The BFAW 2 might be replaced with CSV 1, if i decide to go single cannons and Turrets..
Of course replacing Attack Pattern Omega with Target Subsystem Shields 3 is also really tempting.

The 4 copies of Emergency Power to X can be chained together to have 125 power in weapons and shields all the time.

I think this will be a very interesting and versitile ship to fly. good luck with it.
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02-10-2012, 01:32 AM
Well the setup I used on the Excelsior which is largely the same as a Galor is:

Lt Cmdr Tac: Tactical Team 1, HYT 2, BO 3
Cmdr Eng: EP2S 1, RSP1, Aux2Sif 2, EWP 3
Lt Cmdr Eng: EP2S1, Aux2ID OR Extend shields 1,
Ensign Eng: EP2W 1 Ensign Sci: TSS1
Lt Sci: ST 1, HE 2

Eng: Neutronium Armour x2, EPS thingy, RCS Accelerator (probably redundant on the Galor)
Sci: Borg console and 35% capacity console
Tac: Phaser consoles

Devices: Det surplus, Subspace field modulator, engine bats, aux bats (screwing one of these on before popping HE and Aux2SIF is nice)

I also use the classic Borg set with a Resiliant Mk X [cap x 3] shield, although I'm going to replace that with X the MACO shield when I can.

And front and back it's a mix of Mk XI and XII purple phaser arrays and a Quantum torpedo launcher. I'll also be experimenting with DEM 3 when I get a chance.

All in all it's still a work in progress (although it seems to work well), having Aux2ID and Aux2SIF sharing a cooldown is not ideal, but I find it's rare you'll need both at once, and the GCD is a mere 15 seconds. And if I'm playing alongside others I'll often pop the Extend in there instead, although this has little to no utility in the single player stuff.

Also, may replace EP2W 1 with ET1 to have another heal, although that'll be sharing CDs with TT and ST then... but again, you rarely need both of those at once either.

The universal Lt slot opens up a lot of options, like replacing the Aux2ID and EP2W in my build with TSS1 or polarize hull and Tachyon beam or something. You could even slip another tactical in, but you'd maybe end up a little squishy and unless you can gain spike damage as opposed to merely higher DPM, it's tricky to break even with the gains in offence and losses in defence.

I forget the user's name, but they've got an orange cartoon Jedi as an avatar last I saw, they posted a really good cannon/turret build for the Excelsior which'd be worth looking into. Working it into my above build, I'd go 3 single cannons and torp up front, all turrets at the back, and swap BO3 for CRF2, and use DEM3 instead of EWPIII. An advantage of this build would be a higher than average proc rate due to damage being done over many shots, and you'd do decent damage to hull due to using cannons instead of beams. I think the "original" single cannon/turret build may've omitted torps, but I hate not taking torps on a ship that has torps, I'm a little OCD with that sort of thing. It's also why I can't bring myself to but a DBB on a BoP with the hardpoints where they are.
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02-10-2012, 06:49 AM
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02-10-2012, 10:24 AM
Okay, thanks to those that've posted up some builds to play with. I'll try 'em out and see how they go!

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