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Some of you may be aware of the KDFAssistance open channel that was created when the FE's came out, some of you may have helped in the setting up and running of the FE events that were done and organised around that channel.. some of you may have joined and asked a few questions, or answered a few.

i suspect many dont know I was the one who created it, for those reasons.

This has mostly been because I have been fairly absent from STO over the last year or so, as there have been many personal reasons in my offline life that have kept me away. While i planned to use the channel to help raise awareness of, and provide assistance to any and all players who wanted to play as kilngon i've been fairly negligent in that respect, and i apologise for that.

I am asking for a single volunteer who would be willing to take over the administration of this channel, someone who would use it to help other players without bias and who would also be willing to use it to co-ordinate further events, such as large-scale FE runs, maybe story-arc runs and so on.

I am asking because as of today, I no longer wish to involve myself in any aspect of the STO community. In recent weeks the behaviour, attitude and actions of this "community" have left a foul taste in my mouth and made me feel ashamed to admit to being a part of it. I have removed all /zone and /local chats from all my characters and will be enjoying this game with close friends only. this will also be my last post in the forums for a while for the same reason.

I ask that anyone interested in taking over this channel please send me a PM via the forums as i'll pick that up in-game and i'll make a choice fairly soon.

I want to thank everyone who's ever helped with this channel, and i hope that once i no longer feel the way i feel now about this "community" that i will see whomever takes over has done an excellent job in raising people's enjoyment of playing KDF characters and providing assistance to all players who choose to join the empire's quest for glory.
Lt. Commander
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02-13-2012, 07:51 AM
Shingio contracted me via PM the otehr day and said that he would like to see me take the reins on the KDFAssistance channel while he goes on sabatical. I have optiched it the the GoS guys and we plan to revive this helpful chat channel with new info and updates on KDF gameplay as well as provide a personal level of assistance in BOff training as possible as we can, so keep your eyes on the KDF Assistance channel for future info.

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