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# 1 Bug Reports & Ticket System
07-29-2013, 02:08 PM
About 100 years ago (read 4 years) in Star Trek Online's infancy it was possible to actually search if a bug was already reported in though the report user interface in game. I remember someone from Cryptic posting something like this:

"First off we want to encourage you all to use the search function within the in-game ticketing system and use the "subscribe" button if you see your issue listed. The subscribe button is very important for the players to use as it ensures that CS can push for bugs to be fixed in-game with the Dev Team. The more subscribers a bug has the more attention it gets, and thus gets on the roadmap to be addressed sooner.

Every week CS sits down with the development team and discusses the top issues that have been reported in-game. We make our case to the Development Team for bugs to be addressed and follow-up with them on a regular basis to ensure the player issues that we reported are being addressed. By bringing back the GM Blog we can communicate the status of issues that you have submitted by CS. We are also looking at making changes to our internal tools so that we can reply to all your tickets with an update on the issue you submitted in a more timely, and efficient manner."

Now I have forgotten how many bugs I've reported over the years, but I'm sure there's a log file somewhere. But even though I try to search for them before submitting a report I never ever find any. Is that search function only for show? Or am I really the first for every bug I've submitted to submit a report about said bug? Is this feature something you intend to implement again (read make it work as it should) or will you remove it (as it serves no purpose) or will you leave it as it is (non-functional for years) or will you bring in a totally new way to submit bugs in game that is way superior then the old way?

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