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OK, I have a couple ideas for weapons for ground STFs, the best weapons:
  • First, If you're a tactical, equip two pulsewaves (Tetryon, Disruptor and Antiproton are good energytypes), and if you want, a set (Probably Omega)... use a Fire Team Kit.
  • Second, If you're a science, equip a pulsewave (Disruptor), and a MACO set... also use a Medic Kit... don't use Analyst or Physicist, because you can't heal as much with the Analyst or Physicist kit, the Medic kit has much more heals and buffs to keep you alive, this is good for solo-ing the queen on Infected Ground and getting the optional on Infected Ground.
  • Third, if you're an engineer, equip a pulsewave and a sniper, and maybe a MACO set. Also use a Bunker Fabrication/Fabrication Specialist/Enemy Neutralization kit... these provide the best abilities, and maybe the Support Technician if there is another Engineer with the other recommended kits on the team.

This is what I tend to use on my toons, and it works well aganist zombies... I mean Borg, they changed the look . It also is a good start in getting into Ground PVP. These are my ideas and what I use, again, I do really good in Elite Ground STFs... even though have yet to finish the optional in Cure Ground (Elite) and Infected Ground (Elite)... (which I came close to!). Please write your opinions below, thanks in advance.
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02-11-2012, 04:17 PM
A good framework but I wouldn't agree on every point

Especially for elite STFs, everybody should bring several weapon classes with them. Pulsewaves are definitely among the best for close quarters combat, but everyone should also have a sniper with them for longer ranged stuff too. For example in cure ground, after you defeat all the turrets and you have to go destroy the backup shield generators, it helps a lot to equip dual sniper rifles so you can pick the enemy off at long range, and not over-aggro the mobs. Basically don't limit yourself to 2 weapons because you can only equip 2. Keep 1 or 2 additional weapon types in your inventory and switch to them when needed.

As a sci, I find the analyst kit to be very useful. Tachyon harmonic is very powerful, able to strip the shields off several borg instantly and also exploit them for yourself or others to snipe. At least for me, battle is too hectic to effectively heal my team individually so all those skills would largely go to waste. With analyst, you get powerful offensive spells (sonic pulse, tach harmonic) plus the AoE heal skill is nice and does not require pinpoint targeting, when you see someone near you is low on health, pop it off and it hits everyone around. Medic is definitely required for cure ground though, so you can tank Amrek. Speaking of which, all science need to bring a melee weapon with them for CG too. A good blend is the borg medical analyzer, which has heals but also the important tachyon harmonic. Unfortunately it does not have the AoE heal thus I tend to use analyst for my kit. However, I will say I always have physicist, analyst, medic, and borg medical analyzer all in my inventory so I can switch to the right one when the situation arises. I haven't looked too much into the other available kits.

(aside: the cool thing about kits is that they are not bind on equip. so you can buy kits from the exchange and try them out- if you don't like them you can re-sell them for usually the same price you bought them for)

Also when playing on elite mode, be sure to bring at least 1-2 full stacks of large hypos, and a full stack of minor and major regens as well. Crit regens are nice too but technically unnecessary if you heal after every death. If you're playing elite, you should already be wealthy enough such that these consumables should be pocket change- so don't skimp or be lazy and ALWAYS go into an STF with full stacks. I've seen it happen more than once where a player has run out of regens by the time we get to the final boss, and then they are gimped because someone didn't bother to fill up their stacks before starting.
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02-11-2012, 04:33 PM
On Cure Ground (Elite), you only need one sniper, and the group comes to you, and a sniper on tac everywhere, even in other STFs? That's "Let me make some of the least potential of my DPS with a sniper!", snipers work on bosses for Tacs, but not on other types of drones, also, you don't have to heal everybody, I have a friend who heals herself and Solos the Queen on Infected Ground (Normal) and has solo-ed the Queen on Infected Ground (Elite) about 3 times... and she is using the medic kit. Analyst sucks because if you die much quicker, plus you have to be right up to Borg to use Sonic Pulse (which can allow them to assimilate you) and the Sonic Pulse disrupts setting the bombs on turrets on Cure Ground, and the effects of Tachyon Harmonic last for like... 30 seconds only, so, if you want Tachyon Harmonic, use the Borg Medical Analyzer.
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02-11-2012, 04:48 PM
My point is, there is no single "Best" weapon. You should really have several types with you, in case the situation arises.

Tachyon harmonic can deal extremely high amounts of damage to the enemy (completely stripping the shields off multiple borg in one hit), making them that much more vulnerable to fire from your teammates. Sonic pulse is useful to get the borg away from you when you're swarmed, also it's invaluable when guarding the towers on cure ground, so you can knock them back. I only play in elite STFs and don't have any trouble with survivability. The AoE heal helps me out when I or my teammates need it, combined with using hypos and the MACO shield heal ability, I have more than enough survivability. I would rather devote those skills to something that helps the team as a whole. You can run with medic and that's fine, but it's far from the only way to go. Again, just like with weapons, it is to your advantage to bring several kits in your inventory so you can switch to the appropriate one when needed. When fighting the boss in IGE or CGE, I always switch to medic. But for the rest of the time, I use analyst. There is no single best kit to use in every situation.

Sure you can solo rebecca/amrek with the medic kit, but what about the rest of the mission? Sure you can solo rebecca/amrek, but if it takes you 30 minutes to do it, you may as well just jump in the plasma and try it again with your teammates.

Anyway, those are my opinions on gear, as you asked. Had I known you were just going to troll the first person to disagree with you, I would not have bothered.
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02-12-2012, 08:51 AM
Whatever! I am simply stating my opinions, I am not trolling.

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