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I reaaaally want some official word on the error where silvers are unable to use the foundry, buy slots, or create a character. An official word. I know I don't have the trouble since i was a gold sub before, but a lot of my friends want to get into it and can't. There is a post in bugs about it, but the Dev comments in it are a little old and buried in the post.

I would really like to see a Dev sticky post in Foundry Bugs section that is titled something like "Current Foundry Slot Purchasing Errors for Silvers" or something.

It doesn't need to be much, or say what is causing the problem, but just some kind of acknowledgment to the fact you know the bug exists. You've said that you know about it, but most people having the issue are not seeing that only a list of people who also have the issue.

I am sure a fix is on the way, but any way to improve showing that you know about the issue would be nice.

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