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Hitting 'engage' on the launcher will cause the application to crash and some cryptic ticket pops up which seems to be stuck in the 'retrieving ticket ID' routine. Gameclient.exe (*32) and crypticError.exe (*32) are still listed in the Task Manager and have to be killed manually.
My PC is a Windows 7Pro x64, Nvidia GTX560 Ti, 8GB RAM, all the latest drivers and yes, I also did 'turn it off and on again'. I've been watching this for a couple of days now, thinking that ther might be a bugfix forthcoming.
It startet after the patch on Feb. 3rd or 4th - before that it ran fine for a few days. I'm not using Teamviewer, Xfire etc.
Is there a fix or at least somebody working on this ? Otherwise it's pretty pointless having the game using up HDD space.

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