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A comment on Bridges the other day got me to thinking.

A dev mentioned that because of the way they work as temporary instances its hard to implement functionality that treats them with more permanence.

It struck me then that Foundry maps are much more permanent.

Authors have made areas that would make great social zones if they had permanence, services, and if all players were sent to the same version of the instance.

Here is the thought that beget:

Give Foundry authors 1 social space map slot, 1 social ground map slot (that could be 'linked' or not linked as desired), 1 space PvP map slot, and 1 ground PvP map slot.
They could buy more slots with Dilithium, or unlock them perhaps via high ratings on existing slots and as vet rewards.

When editing social/PvP maps the tool-set would change to allow the inclusion of PvP objectives, or social services, as applicable.
When the social maps are published there would be a way to add a social map to a favorites list so that, for example, if an author hooks the social map to a system in sector space when I go near it and his map is on my favorites list I see the button to visit it in my default interaction window.

The PvP maps could be accessed by joining a queue that randomly rotates through maps that are highly rated and maps that have few to no ratings yet, or by selecting a specific map when creating a custom PvP queue.
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02-16-2012, 08:08 PM
I've come across a few social zones along this idea, but not as flushed out as the main ones done by cryptic. Still, check out "Romulan Zoo" by Commadore_Bob. He made it to be a "kid friendly zone" but It kinda counts as a social map (For only 5 people but the idea is still there).

It would be nice if we gained more social zones or pvp maps from the community, but any such project would require a little more QA testing on Cryptics part, more then what we can provide as players. But even with that this is a good idea for adding new maps to the game if it can be flushed out on Cryptic's end.

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