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# 1 Additional STFs
02-11-2012, 05:07 AM
I've got an idea which could work in game for those ppl who are interested in the story side of things.

OK the STFs have been split into 2 parts Ground and Space, i personally have not got a problem with that

But what i do think should happen is that old Style STFs should also still b in the game.

Take KA (or Khitomer Accord for those who don't know), the original reason for that being there was to explain what was going on in the Tutorial,. with the way its set out now you don't get any sense of the story behind whats going on.

So as i said earlier on in this post put the old style STFs back in the game but also keep the STFs in there the way they are now so that ppl have got more of a choice. surely cryptic must have a file somewhere that contains the original STFs.

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