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# 1 A post to support / Cryptic
02-11-2012, 11:56 AM
From the patch February 9th, 2012 couple or more players are effected of a update error.. Already some players has posted there problems about this bug in the patch, but still 3 days later no one from support or Cryptic has replay with a answer or solution. Currently there are couple people inc me. who cant play your game. Give these players and me at least a replay here in this topic or somewhere ells that there is a problem with the this update or give us a solution to fix this.

I still like this game but atm is dislike the current support from Cryptic about this problem. I pay and others pay for this game or for c-store items so give us at least a answer.. I know this is possible because i get email with promotion about new c store items so jah.. So are you guys here only to make money or also to support people with problems or question about sto??

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